Scientists have discovered what men women recognize the best lovers

According to the American psychologists, men who strive to be the best at work, transferred is quality and in intimate life.

In a survey conducted by the American experts, was attended by several thousand members of the fairer sex. More than half of the respondents said that the best lovers, according to them, are workaholics.

Women say that men are workaholics active and attentive in bed, know how to bring their partners to the peak of sexual pleasure better than others.

Psychologists explain this tendency with complex idealist and perfectionist, which is inherent in such representatives of the stronger sex.

Earlier, we wrote that researchers from the UK found the most optimal time for sleep, awakening, and sex. In the survey about the day participated a thousand subjects. The most “useful” sex is the morning. Scientists call the optimal amount of time from 7:15 am. The best time for waking up is 6:45. For half an hour between waking up and sex it is recommended to make a morning toilet, and a short jog.