Mind and soul: interesting books about science, life and struggles

Famous Ukrainian writer and literary critic Igor Bondar-Tereshchenko called interesting books, suitable for reading on an autumn evening, according to Radio Maximum.

In these books occurs a continuous confrontation, a modern verbal battles.

“Spohady snegova of Guskov”, Olya, Samilenko
(K.: Kayala, 2017)

Photo source Radio Maximum

This is the story of the wandering Ukrainian women times of forced collectivization, dispossession and repression. Striking is the escape from Solovki. After all, the escape from the Soviet prison – the most studied and dark page late immigrant realities that have not changed from the Stalinist era to Brezhnev’s time. Under Stalin, one of the heroes of the novel Oli Samoilenko was hiding all the way in a sack of rotten potatoes.

People equate it with “baggage”.

“Better to train with a whistle than a guard with a gun,” says the heroine of the novel, coming after such a “potato” journeys out of the Soviet hell in a hotel room with a view of the station.

When the hero Dovlatov in America asked whether he would drink vodka from a plastic Cup, he replied that in the Soviet Union, he had to drink it out of glasses case.

“After iz Triskova Park”, Andrew Kokotyuha
(Kh: Folio, 2017)

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In this retroremakes the calculation of the killer about a tragic event in Lviv September 1918 more than accurate. He got to the heart of inter-ethnic relations in difficult for the Ukrainian state period. The Austro-Hungarian Empire was a step to destruction, in the struggle for power between the Ukrainian and the poles were at stake in Eastern Galicia, and murder in Stryiskyi Park, a Polish officer, who was a member of a secret society, can negate any negotiations.

“The Ukrainians are the police will help – are happy in the novel. – The only reason to give against the poles. The current situation in Galicia in General and Lviv in particular even such an optimist as captain Yablonsky, very carefully called the observance of unstable equilibrium. Swung very much away, the stronger “.

“Danavas”, Margaret Hamlin
(Kh: Fabula, 2017)

Photo source Radio Maximum

This novel is a Moscow journalist, who in the 1980s moved to the capital city of Chernigov, have been marked “Ukrainian” track. This is the story of the postwar period, what happened to the native land of the author with the local policeman who is forced to investigate, as it turned out, not a domestic murder, and quite a high profile crime.

In this case, the small-town extravaganza and keen psychological insight, woven into an adventurous plot, Recalling at the same time and the TV series “Liquidation” by Sergei Ursulyak, the film “Vidocq” by Luc Besson.

“Beyond the boundaries of Mars that Venus”, John gray
(Kh: The Club Semeynogo Leisure, 2017)

Photo source Radio Maximum

This global bestseller, which goes beyond gender issues. The author proposes to think about, isn’t it time to change the stereotyped roles in couples when the woman is definitely from Venus and men from Mars. On the one hand, it is clear that millions of women are active, men sometimes take on more household responsibilities.

Then there are times when a woman relied exclusively on the man, and the man took care of the family, passed. Therefore, according to the author, people today can be themselves and exhibit traits beyond their traditional gender roles, making the relationship between them becomes more explicit. On the other hand, this situation is new, complex challenges, and we have to be their men and women to reduce the risk of stress.

Thus, this book analyzed in detail the new needs emotional support, as well as additional challenges in contemporary gender relations in the new circumstances.

“Future Rozum”, MCO Kiku
(L: Lopes, 2017)

Photo source Taktent

The old tale about the main thing, that interested person today – that’s the main message of the book renowned futurist and popularizer of science.

When the author was ten years old, appeared on television’s “Amazing Dunninger”, which fascinated the audience with magic tricks. One day the magician said that he will give his opinion to millions of people across the country, calling the name of one of the presidents of the United States, and then asked the audience to write the name that came to their minds on a postcard and send it to him.

Next week, he solemnly announced the receipt of thousands of leaflets with the word “Roosevelt” – thus he “broadcast” on the air. It is clear that the author is nothing surprising in the results of the trick not seen since those years, the name Roosevelt was popular among U.S. residents who lived through the Great depression and the Second world war and recalled with any occasion. But that resulted in childhood experiences of the author of the future bestseller?

Telekinesis, the implantation of new skills directly into the brain, video of images, of memories and dreams, telepathy, avatars and surrogates as helpers of mankind, the exoskeletons controlled by thought, and artificial intelligence – that’s what led to his dreams, passing initially us surrogate of good uncle that tricked millions of viewers. Readers of this book all over the world no less, but it is not a show, you will not be deceived.

We will remind, the Russian author in Ukraine published a novel about emigration: “Refused to print in Russia.”


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