Gymnastics, tsangpa: three simple exercises against stress and excess weight

Scientists have proved if correct and regular practice of breathing exercises, you can get rid of stress, anaemia, genitourinary diseases, stuttering, snoring, and also to shed a few extra pounds.


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So, recommend you the best complex of respiratory gymnastics.

  • “Wave”

Lie on back, bend knees and put feet exactly. The left hand is placed on his stomach, right on his chest. Slowly and deeply inhale, try to lift the thoracic spine and pull the stomach. Then exhaled, inflating the abdomen, and the chest pull. Ideally, there should be a wave motion. We repeat this exercise 40 times.

  • “Frog”

Sit on a chair, stand with legs shoulder-width apart, elbows rested on his knees, body slightly bend forward. His left hand clasps the right hand (men should clamp right fist) and hit the fist with his forehead, slowly closed his eyes, focusing on the process. And fill the stomach with air, inflate it. Inhaled and exhaled through the nose and mouth for ten minutes, trying to increase the number of minutes.

  • “Lotus”

Sit in the Buddha pose. If you find it difficult to do, just sit in a chair. Hands palms up, put in front of him so that his left hand was over right (men to the contrary). The shoulders and the chin lowered, they tend to down, lower back straighten and close the eyes. Trying as possible to raise the chest and abdomen, breathing evenly and deeply for five minutes. Then five minutes breathing normally. Then, without changing his position, sit calmly for ten minutes without thinking about breathing.

Remember that it is very important to keep feet on the rug completely, and his knees were exactly perpendicular to the floor.