Named the most dangerous foods: they increase the weight, increase the pressure and threaten cancer

Scientists have named the list of products which you should give up, if people are watching their health. The food on this list increases the weight, increases blood pressure and lead to cancer.


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Eliminate from your diet this meal:

  • Chips

The substance acrylamide is very often added in the preparation of this potato treats. But few people know that this chemical compound is also used in the production of plastics.

  • Herring

In the manufacture of pickled herring very often add the preservative E239, which is in the process of splitting can release ammonia and formaldehyde. An excess of these substances in the body that leads to cancer.

  • Products made with white flour

For those who want perfect figure, you should refuse from bread rolls and cakes made of dough, because he also “loves” the cellulite.

  • Red caviar

The delicacy which is usually bought for the holidays, is also a hazardous product due to the high content of preservative-carcinogen hexamine.

  • Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks usually increase the weight, make the skin flabby and cause depression. If you want to get compliments about your youth, refrain from them at all.

  • Food of fast preparation

Most often fast food is addictive. I want to eat very much at once. But the liver and stomach suffer from this even more, as it slowly destroys them.

  • Quick-cooking cereals

These products were in this list, because they contain a lot of preservatives and sugar.

  • Aspartame

Sugar substitutes are also considered very harmful. They can reduce vision, cause seizures, raise blood pressure.