Why trump likes so much Russia?

Recent revelations about Russia election headquarters, and trump’s beneficial in the sense that they help solve the mystery, located in the center of this story. Why is trump such an optimistic attitude towards Russia and President Vladimir Putin? It’s so unusual to trump that requires some explanation.

Unlike domestic policy, where trump’s complete confusion and vacillation in foreign policy he has thirty years adhere to clear and consistent views. Speaking in 1987, with the first important statement on government policy, he used materials from several Newspapers, which began with the words: “For decades, Japan and others countries used the United States in their interests.” He also excoriated Saudi Arabia, “the very existence of which is in the hands of the United States” and other allies who “did not want to help.”

This is the world trump, and he never deviated. He constantly adds to his list of States scams, and have recently included China and Mexico. About China he wrote during the election campaign: “There are people who don’t want me to call China an enemy. But that was what it is.” Then he said: “We cannot allow China to continue raping our country.” And a few months before his nomination trump tweeted: “I don’t want to have anything to do with Mexico, except that to build an insurmountable WALL that they stopped to tear the United States.”

Trump — man of the category, which the historian Walter Russell Mead (Walter Russell Mead) calls “geeksonaplane” in matters of foreign policy (this is in honor of the seventh President, Andrew Jackson). People with great distrust and instinctive hostility from other countries and their leaders, and believe that America needs to be a fortress, which is only concerned with their own Affairs, and if it is disturbed, it “bombed to hell” all his enemies, and then retreat to their territory.

Such was the attitude of the tramp to the outside world, except for Russia and Putin. 10 years ago, when the Russian money kept pouring into the West, trump began to praise this country and its leader, saying: “Look at Putin. It perfectly does its job, restoring the image of Russia and restoring Russia itself”. In 2013, Putin wrote in the New York Times article which tried to convince the Obama administration not to respond to the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime. In it the Russian President argued that in fact the poisonous gas used by the Syrian opposition, to deceive Washington and force it to attack Assad. Trump’s reaction was very lyrical: “it seemed to Me that the article was written amazing. I think he wants to become a world leader, and right now is engaged in it”.

Trump so much admired Putin, imagine if they met at least five times in different variations made this false statement in public, rejecting all the criticism in his address. “In fairness I must say this. You say that he killed people. I did not see, he said in 2015. — And can you prove it?” When this year he again asked the question on this topic, he shrugged, saying, “we Have a lot of killers. Do you think our country is so innocent?” Trump could not make such excuses for the sake of political advantage. The Republican party is instinctively hostile to Russia, although today it is positively related to Putin the Republicans 20% more than the Democrats that says the changes in American preferences.

“First of all, I would like to see Russia become a friendly country for us,” said trump in July last year at a press conference. It seems that his staff followed this idea. Trump has appointed a senior foreign policy adviser Michael Flynn, whose obvious sympathy for Russia, and which, as we know, the Russian government paid the money. By Paul Manafort, some time headed the election headquarters of the trump, has received millions of dollars from the Ukrainian Pro-Russian parties. During the Congress the Republicans were surprisingly few bellicose statements about the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. After the election, trump decided to make his Secretary Rex Tillerson, who received one of the highest awards to foreigners and maintained a “very close relationship” with Putin. Finally, the members of the staff of trump and his family have repeatedly been in contact with Russian officials and other Russians, which again seems a unique case.

Perhaps, for all this, there are innocuous explanations. Maybe trump just admires Putin as a leader. Perhaps he adheres to the ideology of his senior adviser Stephen Bannon, for whom Russia is not an ideological enemy, but a spiritual friend of the United States, being a white Christian nation at war with dark-skinned Muslims. But equally possible that there are other explanations for his many years of pleasantries before Russia and its leader. This mystery was at the heart of the presidency, trump, and special Prosecutor Robert Mueller are sure to unravel.