Fox News (USA): Russia plans to start mass vaccinations by October first will be the doctors and teachers

Russian health officials say that a potential vaccine against coronavirus on the basis of adenoviruses has completed clinical testing in the laboratory of the Institute Gamalei, and by October the possible mass vaccination. But the rapid pace of vaccine production — just five months after the beginning of the epidemic in Russia has forced Western experts to question the adequacy of the tests, writes Fox News.


Reader comments:


I wonder what do people think about doctors and teachers? They even have a choice? Nobody wants to be first. Is Guinea pigs — they will see the whole world. Here is the twist, if Russia or China will put a vaccine in the United States.


And whether the choice of our doctors and teachers, do not you think?


To develop a vaccine is not the most difficult… But it takes time and rigorous testing. In fact, the Russians are going to inject an untested vaccine. After a year they can grow extra arms and legs or something like that. Or, on the contrary, it would work perfectly with almost no side effects. No one in advance knows…


Yes no “Russian vaccine” does not exist. Guys, we all know that Russians are so stupid and ignorant that even your big Mac can not invent and instead, eat our. This is Putin’s plot to expose our government is incompetent (which is not true!) And make us again to vote for trump. There is no logic? Why it is needed, if we all know the truth, isn’t it? And the truth is that trump is a Russian agent, a know it all smart Democrats!


I’m neither Chinese, nor Russian vaccines to shoot up not going.


Good luck with your third hand, when I grow up!


Chinese Embassy in Texas have closed because they were spying on American studies and caught them. If they release a vaccine, it probably will be our study.


Third world and forever backwards. In Russia, there can be no safe and effective vaccine. LOL!


A false sense of security is even worse than its complete absence.


It is necessary to give the Russians their due. They’re the first to send man to the moon. Although the stop…


The only time I hope that they will succeed.


Yes Russian is still plowing with horses. Remember how they invented the polio vaccine — vodka and beets. Russia is not only the pharmaceutical giant, but also produces the world’s best racing cars, computers, airplanes, computers, medicine and space debris. Hooray, drunk smokers! And the fleet they have lousy.


Yes I suppose just be stabbing the people cheap vodka.


Dude, vodka can relieve toothache and used as a liquid mouthwash and after shave, insect repellent, smelly armpits, window cleaners and anti-mold. But the crown does not cure vodka: Russian blow 150 million pints a day, but patients had more than 800 thousand.


Yes, even it will be smarter than ours. To destroy its own economy — it’s a loser.


It is a pity that they have no black — to test the vaccine. Shitty doctors.


Russian only lie whale. I would have them even chewing gum to do and would not trust.


According to Russian — naïve. Through one they are liars and criminals.


In fact, the majority of Russians are nice people. Here is their policy — Yes, mostly liars and criminals. But the same can be said about our own.


If the Russians are that far advanced, then why did they need to hack Western?


I don’t care if I have antibodies already.


Of course. You are the navel of the earth. What a vile position — and, alas, it explains why America can’t get people to even such a simple thing as wearing a mask.


Sweden but who were smarter than everyone else. The population in Michigan, but death is not the less an example. With no restrictions, less suicide, less mental illness, and no massive economic damage. Go to a cafe, work, live. This proves that the virus is spreading, what with the quarantine, without.