Why are sunflower seeds dangerous for the human body

Black sunflower seeds lots of nutrients. However, we forget that this product also contain and harm if you use it excessively.

So, what is hazardous to health seeds:

  • The damage to the teeth

Love seeds can badly affect your teeth. The clicking of seeds front teeth, bare nerve endings due to emerging micro-cracks in the enamel. Teeth lose its whiteness, covered with ugly gray spots. These spots will eventually decay, and all the fat that is contained in the seeds.

  • Spoil the figure

Sunflower seeds are very high in calories. In one sitting, you can unwittingly eat the daily requirement of calories. They also high in fat that is unfavorable to the figure.

  • Harm for digestion

After the seeds often catches up with heartburn.

  • The blow to the bones

Sunflower has the ability to accumulate the exhaust gases which are in the air around roads, where they grow plants. So, cadmium is a toxic metal, accumulates in seeds. It damages the kidneys and bone tissue in the human body.


  • A list of delicious and low-calorie food for each day

Of course, this should not exclude corn from your diet, but it is better to use this product a little less often.