The Cabinet explained how to determine the size of subsidies for Ukrainians

The calculation of subsidies for Ukrainians in the heating season 2017/2018 and after him will be based on income for certain periods. This is the official page of the Cabinet of Ministers in Facebook.

So, when calculating subsidies for the coming topstone will be considered income for I and II quarter of 2017. Meanwhile, subsidies for the unheated period, from may 1 – calculate the income in the III and IV quarter of 2017.

“It objectively. Citizen, for example, all of last year worked and received high wages. This year for one reason or another quit his job and needs help paying for communal, for objective reasons”, – explained in the Cabinet.

According to officials, in such a case, it would be socially unjust to consider last year’s income of a Ukrainian, when he was able to pay the bills for heat, electricity and water.


  • In Ukraine are preparing a new mechanism of monetization of subsidies

“In addition, in may-June of this year had delayed the reappointment of subsidies for the summer, so the fiscal service were not able to provide information about the incomes for the first quarter of this year. This was especially evident in big cities. The government has considered this argument” , – noted in the Cabinet.

Recall from 1 October in Ukraine will start the process of calculating the size of the winter subsidies for payment of housing and communal services. Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko said that 2 million Ukrainian families will benefit from the monetization of subsidies, savings from reducing consumption of electricity and gas.