How to get to the doctor in a couple of clicks

In six regions of the country Ukrainians no longer need to stand in hospital registries — recently, the medical information system “Polyclinic without queues” has spread to Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Cherkasy, Zhytomyr, Mykolayiv and Sumy regions. We found out its virtue, and which regions will be next.

ENTRY. A pilot project program was launched in August last year, when it joined two of the hospitals in Kyiv. The system consists of an electronic registry accessible to doctors and patients. Sign up to the doctors in three ways: through the site, application and information machines in the clinics.

Right on the website “Polyclinic without queues” any person may choose “to make an Appointment” and enter your personal phone number. Automated system calls the patient and asks him to confirm the registration by clicking the button on the phone. After that, the website you need to enter personal data (name, surname, gender and date of birth), consent to the processing of information and to choose any General practitioner or family doctor, not even in his city, day and time of admission.

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You can do without a return call — you have a special application for smartphones. It’s free. In a day or two before meeting the doctor, the system will remind the person a message on the phone or email.

The creators of “Clinics without Queuing” installed in hospitals special infomats (similar to the automatic refill) — there is also possible to make an appointment with a special pass. One of the leaders of the project, Arthur Verba, told us that the money for infomats allocate either the hospital or the management of the project asks for help from the companies, engaged in installation of this equipment. In these cases, infomats is possible not only to see the doctor, but to replenish your account and even pay for the “communal”.

We should also mention that the system allows you to see the Desk, what hours the doctor is free, what occupied, and plan his work. In addition, patients no longer need to stand in line for her card — her doctor will take nurses well in advance.

Finally, referral to more specialized professionals (dentist, allergist, neurologist) will also be displayed in the personal Cabinet of the patient, and to sign up to it will be possible in this way. The system has already registered 16 thousand Ukrainians. The Ministry of health the results of its work do not comment, but during the launch promised in case of success introducing a novelty across the country.

PLANS AND DOCTORS. Verba said that in the future the network of hospitals available in the program, will only grow. “It is bound to be further involved in Cherkasy, Zhytomyr, Sumy region. Plans to introduce the service in hospitals of Chernigov, and our next step will be the Odessa region and nearest regions. Even in a number of areas we are now conducting negotiations,” he said, adding that the main goal is to engage hospitals throughout the country.

Verba acknowledged that not all clinics take the initiative favorably. According to him, there were cases when employees initially actively opposed the system, citing the fact that the time to learn it they have, and some even went: “There is a very important commitment. But we can see that the users of our program the majority of are willing to learn new things”.

Therapist hospitals in the river Veronica Kulib admits: with new technology it because of the age difficulties, and with the system it is still not fully understood, but the novelty pleased.

“We even visited the guys from this program and told how things work, taught to work with this database our nurses. We still sometimes refer to them on the phone for some clarification. I can say one thing — the queues are shorter. Young people actually using the phones it makes, where I did not understand, and for the elderly at the terminal nurses are on duty and tell you how to get them to sign up to the doctor,” the doctor says.