What product nutritionists consider the most useful

American scientists have found that just one spoon of honey, when daily consumption is sufficient to significantly improve your health. This product has antibacterial properties that allow you to use it to improve the skin condition and also has properties powerful antioxidant and helps the body get rid of toxins.

Natural sugar (trehalose) that are contained in honey can prevent heart attacks. It activates TFEB protein that makes immune cells (macrophages) to remove fatty deposits from the arteries. As shown by experiments with mice, trehalose reduced the volume of sediments is approximately 30%.


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If you regularly consume honey, reducing the risk of atherosclerosis which arteries lose elasticity and increases the pressure develop serious heart disease and heart attacks. Usually in atherosclerosis macrophages are not able to clean vessels from deposits, as they are more focused on the inflammation in blood vessels.

By the way, trehalose is also found in mushrooms, lobster and shrimp. However, in the experiment, was proved to be effective only injections of trehalose.