Vadim Rabinovich: “the Party “For life” has achieved from the government pays 3 billion to depositors”

Monday, 25 September, took place the meeting of Chairman of the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals (fgvfl) Constantine Voroshilina with MP, leader of the political party “For life” Vadim Rabinovich. At the meeting, agreement was reached about the beginning of payments to affected depositors of UAH 3 billion. As you know, the party “For life” initiated and already spends a third week of protests at the National Bank of Ukraine with the requirement to return money to investors and to prosecute the leadership of the NBU. About the first victories of activists under the national Bank and other relevant problems of the country Vadim Rabinovich said, speaking on the air of Ukrainian TV channels.


Vadim Rabinovich, during one of his speeches under the national Bank, said that thanks to the organized party “For life” promotions, the Deposit guarantee Fund will pay 3 billion to defrauded investors, the head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva resigns, and her assistant Catherine Rozhkova will not take her chair. However, the politician believes that this is not enough.

“We have achieved strong and balanced agreements: payments begin 3 billion victims! And this is also due to the fact that you were standing, and, therefore, there is in this victory, the contribution of each of you – those that week in a row a national Bank! However, from the fact that thieving officials will continue to rule us, little will change – we need to ensure that they will answer for what he’s done. Otherwise it will take a year, two, three, and the same thieves from “honest eyes” will be back in the warm seat. 25 years policy robbed Ukraine, 25 years on the TV show the same muzzle with “honest eyes”. And none of them “nichogo not Krav, and the country became impoverished,” he said.

He noted that while Gontareva and Rozhkov will not be brought to justice, protest outside the national Bank will continue.

“When they prosecuted Gontareva and Rozhkova – then we will consider our task in this direction is made. We need to stop this mess in the Ukrainian government, it is necessary to stop this cycle of “protein” that are returned to us and continue to plunder the country. We therefore continue to insist that the government was cleared of thieving officials. And we achieve this – we will win!” – said the leader of the party “For life”.

He also welcomed the initiation of an investigation by the financial Committee of Congress corruption in the national Bank.

“The Finance Committee of Congress began an investigation of corruption in the national Bank of Ukraine. It’s great that the us Congress had been investigating the activities of the National Bank headed Gontareva, the activists of the party “For life” was said long before this, but the fate of Ukraine must be solved in Ukraine”, – stated the leader of the party “For life”.

Also, commenting on the meeting with Konstantin Vorushilin, Vadim Rabinovich said that the payment of UAH 3 bln to investors of a number of well-known banks will begin soon.

“Most importantly, the efforts of the party “For life” culminated in the victory of the common people: the management of the Fund has assured us that in the coming days will begin payments to depositors. Behind the depositors of “Artem-Bank and Delta-Bank” money savers “fourth stage” “Diamant-Bank” and the new depositors of Bank “St. Michael”. About us in a personal conversation reported by Konstantin Vorushilin,” – said the MP.

In his opinion, protests by the NBU have been a decisive trigger for the payment of money to the deceived investors it is now, not “in a year or five.”

“I don’t want to say that this has been achieved only thanks to our actions under the national Bank, but I am confident that our multi-day protests have become the decisive impetus for the government to ensure that this happened not in a year or five years, but now! The first result, I think, made, we believe in victory, believe in us the people and the party “For life” showed strength and consistency of their actions,” – said the politician.


Commenting on the statement by the acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun and her Deputy Alexander Lynch that from 2020 all the “Steps 1” (licensing exams at universities) will be sold in the English language, Vadim Rabinovich said that it is necessary to carry out qualitative changes in the Ukrainian medicine, and not to require doctors ‘ English language skills at a high level.

“What is happening in the Ukrainian medicine is more like theater of the absurd. Instead of having to build a healthcare system, they destroy it. Instead of offering real reform, they develop suicidal for the country’s laws. Instead of trying to improve the quality of medical care, to educate physicians by modern standards, they require future doctors to learn English. Think about it: doctors don’t need to be a good treat, it’s fine, no one needs. The main thing that English knew! Who are they to speak it will be with the grandmothers from the village?” – expressed his indignation regarding the initiatives of the Ministry of health of the MP.

He also listed major, in his opinion, the shortcomings of the government medical reform.

“All the contents of the “medical reform” is to reduce doctors close clinics and hospitals, to translate all academentia on paid transactions to remove the “ambulance” and not to treat cancer patients. This is just crazy, when in our country where and without that the difficult situation in health care, to bear such nonsense! This is an absolute murder of Ukraine’s plan to destroy all poor and low-income citizens. If you didn’t steal a billion from the Treasury to recover you can not” – said the MP.

Separately, he stopped at the point of medical reform, introducing the search for a family doctor and necessary medicines with the help of online services.

“Now, every grandmother, as the Minister said, in the village especially has a Google MEPU to find a family doctor and medication. These crazy never been to the Ukrainian village! How will treat people? How will rural doctors to reach a person?” – outraged politician.

He stressed that these reforms contradict the Constitution of Ukraine.

“In the history of the world there was no such experiment, which is now put over the Ukraine, and no one is seen visiting acting Minister of brazenly and cynically abolished the Constitution of the country. I remind: in the Constitution, in 49-th article says that we have free medicine – and suddenly a volunteer came to announce that we will be different. All silent, with downcast eyes, as if no Constitution exists,” – said Vadim Rabinovich.


The leader of the party “For life” believes that Ukraine needs to urgently establish anti-corruption court as a first measure to combat corruption are engulfing the country.

“I’m for the anti-corruption court. I think we should have introduced emergency measures to fight corruption. Anti-corruption court is the most humane method, I do not know what they are so afraid. I understand that you want the power to hold in hands. Any rulers in our country are accustomed to, they provide “good” whom to put someone in mercy. And when the balance appears, it is not so clear. I love the anti-corruption Bureau, because now I don’t know exactly who would be arrested – not necessarily to be loyal to the authorities to have you arrested, and Vice versa. So I think that after all in creating an anti-corruption court today as emergency measures to combat corruption in the country corruption is overwhelming, there is nothing wrong. I do believe that there should be more planting – good and different. Anti-corruption court will balance a little the situation, let them to jail at least half”, – said the politician.

He stressed that today, when virtually the entire judicial system is in the hands of the authorities, people can’t believe the judges.

“Every court, in theory, should be anti-corruption, if you got some thing – it becomes anti-corruption. Today, when the entire judicial system is practically in the hands of the authorities, and power parastasia his men in the posts, we can’t believe the courts just can’t. We don’t know what decision they will make. They take, we are told, the constitutional decision, and three years later they tried. Then it turns out that all these beauties were criminals. Exceptions have not yet been. So how can we trust them?” – asked the MP.

According to him, judicial reform, which was supported in the first reading, Parliament, threat for Ukraine. Therefore, the leader of the party “For life” urged the deputies not to vote for a law to amend the judicial system of the second reading.

“When the deputies voted for the incredible power to change the judicial system, it was very dangerous, terrible thing for the country. Now there will be a second ballot, the decisive vote. This is the killer of democracy, killer of the entire opposition to reform. You have made your heads of factions, you have made looking, dear, can’t do that, it is impossible to finish their own country. Therefore, I appeal to MPs: please think about what is happening, do not vote again for the bill, leaving us alone with the judges of the constitutional court, which will receive 120 thousand don’t do this at least the second time” – called Vadim Rabinovich.

Sergey Afonin