The key to a strong family: a scandalous act, beating Russia angered network

The Russian state Duma finally passed a controversial law abolishing criminal penalties for “debut” beating in the family.

“For” vote of 380 deputies. And the speaker of the state Duma of the Russian Federation even called the decriminalization of beating “the key to strong families.”

The adoption of this law has shocked and angered the Internet space. In social networks, in particular, many expressed a desire to marry Russian MPs or to adopt one of them to enjoy the “benefits” of the decision of the state Duma.

Scientists have created a few that can survive the decriminalization of family beatings

— Introduce yourself , scum (@davnch) 27 Jan 2017

Hit the icon in the Church – a felony.
Hit the wife at home – administrativka.
Repostnul not – a felony.
And live. Only remains a wife to beat.

— Size (@size) 27 Jan 2017


in a country where there is a saying “hate it”, the battery officially decriminalized!

— Katya Semenova (@coldsemenova) 27 Jan 2017

I hope she’s his wife

— RIP news (@riarip) 27 Jan 2017

Today the Duma has allowed the country with impunity to beat their family members. Now the duty of every honest man to adopt MP

— Stalingrad (@StalinGulag) 27 Jan 2017

Now in fashion again as I will be scared and not pitching. Jock with shock and can kill.

— Minang (@crimeapanda) 27 Jan 2017

The state Duma abolished the criminal offence of battery.
Ready to marry Katasonova.

Gray Cardinal (@slevo4kin) 27 Jan 2017

The state Duma abolished criminal liability for family beatings

— Alena Popova (@alyonapopova) 27 Jan 2017

First they ban porn, then allowed to beat his wife. What’s next?

— Size (@size) 27 Jan 2017

the Duma has cancelled the criminal liability for assault, I’m going to beat his wife

— Feldman (@EvgenyFeldman) 27 Jan 2017

“The belt is not beating, and education”, informs a portal “life”. Waiting for material “GOP-stop is not a rip-off and redistribution”.

— ivan davydov (@ivan_f_davydov) 26 Jan 2017

• The first time scientists crossed a human and a pig
• MPs allowed family violence


— Stalingrad (@StalinGulag) 27 Jan 2017

As reported, each year from beatings in the family in Russia killed about 14 thousand women and 3 thousand children.