Students took pictures with the drowned friend in the background

In India a group of students were so fascinated by the creation of self that I had not noticed drowning in the background of the other. The loss of a young man noticed only when I began to look at the pictures. An hour later, students came back for him, but the guy was already dead, reports the Daily Mail.

It is reported that the incident occurred in the local lake, where a young man named Viswas decided to swim in the midst of a student picnic.

In the incident accused the teachers who ignored the warning about the ban on swimming in the lake and allowed the students to swim.

The management of the institution promised to investigate and find those responsible for the death of a young man.

Remind, recently there was another unpleasant incident: in the U.S. state of Indiana student by mistake for three days locked in a cave without food and water. The guy a few hours calling for help, but no one responded. The mobile phone was not working. According to the young man, the next three days he was talking to himself, sleeping, and licking moisture from the walls of the cave in order not to die of thirst.