Where in Ukraine to find a free apartment: the budget options in the capital

In Ukraine, the heating season 2016/2017 was the most expensive in the history of the country. Tenants in addition to rent and have to pay a huge bill for communal. This led to the fact that landlords have to revise the rent and keep costs down. In the capital to find housing for a few thousand hryvnia, and in the regions – all for free. The website “Segodnia” gathered options the cheapest apartments in Ukraine.

Rent free

The rapid growth in utility rates has affected the real estate market. As noted by realtor Maxim Baborak, the Ukrainians are increasingly looking for small apartment in order to pay less for heating. In small towns, where to rent an apartment more complicated, and for utilities still have to pay, the owners are ready to move tenants free of charge only if they themselves pay for communal.

On specialized websites you can meet dozens of ads “rent free”.

Some owners are even ready to help to issue the tenants a subsidy. “I will help get a grant to pay for all utility services to any tenant of my apartment. After 1 month, even years of residence, the renter, if desired, will have the opportunity to apply for a grant and to meet the heating season prepared to pay a “penny” instead of unreasonably high tariffs of our utility companies,” reads one of the ads.

By the way, only heating two-bedroom apartments can cost thousand. In this case the owners of the two apartments can apply for a grant only at the place of residence – in the second apartment will have to pay for the services.

“In the regions it can really be a problem. If a person keeps a second apartment with a child who’s still in school, and to rent an apartment is difficult, of course, it is easier to settle for someone who will live for free and pay communal than accumulate debt,” says Maxim Baborak.

Budget capital

Apartment for rent in Kiev in the segment of affordable housing will cost 4500-5000 UAH per month. However, if you wish, you can find more budget options. Cheapest room will cost from two thousand hryvnia. While a few thousand can live in the heart of Kiev.

Room in the capital. Photo: social networks

For example, for the 2800 hryvnia at the moment, room for rent on Khreschatyk, directly opposite of the KSCA. However, all the advantages of the apartment is the location. Have to live in the hallway without a bed and repair.

The view from the window in the room for 2800 USD. Photo: social networks

Room away from the center and no repair can cost two thousand hryvnia. However, neighbors can be noisy students, or worse – attentive landlady retired.

Room for two thousand. Photo: social networks

Another budget option is the dormitory and communal. In this segment, prices start from two and a half – three thousand. However, you will have to pay for two months – the first and the last. 100% of the rental cost will have to pay the realtor.

Single room within walking distance to the metro can cost from 3500 hryvnia per month. So, at the moment on the forums for a small single room without balcony, with Soviet furniture 3700 UAH + utilities. In the amount of for modest housing will have to pay up to 5000 hryvnia per heating season.

Dormitory for 3700 hryvnia. Photo: archive

What will happen to prices

The capital’s housing market has options for Ukrainians with average incomes, and wealthy tenants. Last, experts say, to pay separately for utilities are not necessary – they cover the cost of the lease itself. “Often now with apartments offer free Housewives that will be coming several times a week and clean. If the apartment, for example, five – it can be very helpful. If the apartment costs more than three thousand dollars a month, you can require the owner additional “buns” – said the realtor.

I don’t think this year will be significant changes in the cost of rent. Now between tenants and owners of apartments in the market has developed mainly trust. Of course, the heating season is almost no rental cost does not increase. It is important that in the segment of affordable housing tenants do pay the utility bills,” – says Maxim Baborak.

The real estate market is the main marker of the state of the economy in the country. If wages and the number of jobs will grow, along with the rise and apartments. “Here depends on supply and demand. If the purchasing power of Ukrainians will be not so high, and the apartment owners will not be able to raise prices. Considering that after all we promise growth, we can assume that the average for the year and prices may rise by ten percent,” suggests realtor.

Traditional jump of the prices expected in the late summer – students and temporary workers will increase demand, finding an apartment will be harder and prices go up. With that being said Maxim Baborak, if inflation is higher than the planned target (according to the budget of the country to 8.1%), prices may rise faster.

At the same time, prices for luxury housing will grow along with the dollar in Ukraine. “The prices are fixed in dollars. And if, for example, the dollar will rise in Ukraine, will grow proportionally and the cost of renting a property,” says realtor Eugene.

By the way, last year the rent went up by 10-15%, says the study M2bomber.com. “The devaluation of the hryvnia forced the apartment owners to take steps in the direction of price indexation. But, on the other hand, the economic crisis reduced the number of solvent population of the country (now increasingly looking for rental apartment away from the city center, on the periphery, without renovation)”, – stated in the results of the study.

Slightly at the end of the year decreased and the number of apartments that rent for long term rent. This may be associated with new year holidays (during this period, the owners can rent an apartment for a few days (rent) and earn a month).