The five most common myths about sugar

Some admit that they can’t live without sugar, while others believe it is so harmful product that try to completely eliminate it from your diet. The truth is as always somewhere in the middle: sugar we need, but an excess can cause health problems.


  • What kind of food quickly and efficiently to the body decreases pressure

So, it is better not to believe:

  • Myth 1. Some types of sugar healthier than the other

No. Labels on supermarket shelves are full of names: in addition to our usual white sugar, you can buy brown, and even different varieties. In reality, both white and brown sugar contain about the same amount of calories, and add in brown sugar, molasses (molasses) increases the content of nutrients is only slightly.

  • Myth 2. Sugar is addictive like a drug

No. Many of us difficult to give up sugar – sweet tea, chocolate coffee, etc. However, researchers claim that no data that sugar can be addictive, still has not been received.

  • Myth 3. Eating large amounts of sugar and sweets can cause diabetes

No. The occurrence of type I diabetes has nothing to do with the consumption of sweets. The disease is autoimmune – your own body’s own antibodies start to destroy the beta cells of the pancreas responsible for insulin production. The causes of this form of diabetes is still unclear, but the amount of sugar eaten is not affected.

  • Myth 4. Sweeteners healthier than sugar

No. Many studies indicate that sugar substitutes are not harmless. They can contribute to weight gain, increase the risk of developing type II diabetes, as well as cause cardiovascular disease.

  • Myth 5. Sugar is necessary to eliminate from your diet

No. Obviously, excessive consumption of sugar can lead to serious health problems, and one sugar is not enough to ensure the entire body with essential vitamins and minerals.