Unknown secrets in skin care revealed dermatologists

British dermatologist anjali Mato told what seemingly insignificant habits can change the skin condition. Also, the expert who discovered the basic secrets of beautiful and healthy skin without acne.

Anjali, MS advises to regularly wipe the screen of your smartphone. The microbes living on its surface, can provoke irritation and rashes.

Dermatologist advised to shower for no more than ten minutes, including cool water. Because hot, and even in combination with shower gel, destroys the lipid barrier of the skin, which it loses moisture and becomes vulnerable to aggressive environmental factors.

In addition, you should regularly wash the sponge for the shower and the make-up sponges.

It is important to shower immediately after sports training. The sweat secreted during class, friction from clothing and warmed by body, all of which can cause back and upper chest acne will appear.

Earlier, we wrote about the amazing properties of soap in the home and for beauty. This tool can be used in self-care, the researchers say.