In the UK the 90-year-old veteran of the Second world changed the floor

In the UK the 90-year-old veteran of world war II changed gender. This publication reports The Daily Telegraph.

Several years ago a resident of the County of Leicestershire Peter Davies took the name Patricia, changed the documents and decided on hormone therapy.

“I began to talk about some of the neighbors, says Davis. — The answer: don’t worry, it makes you happy.”

From early childhood, he, in his words, felt not like other boys, but to admit it was unsafe.

In 2015, Davis caught the eye of a British sitcom Boy Meets Girl, the main character played by actress-transgender Rebecca Ruth . This convinced Peter that the mores have changed and helped decide on a sex change.

“It feels like a huge weight fell from his shoulders. I used to live in a lie,” shared Patricia.

In February it was reported that 72-year-old resident of Beijing who wanted a sex change, underwent a surgical operation for breast augmentation and vaginoplasty (the transformation of the male genitalia in the female).