The Aussie called an easy exercise equivalent of 30 minutes in the gym

Physiotherapist from Melbourne (Australia) was Bitten by Goonewardena argues that it is enough to spend 180 seconds per day on interval training, HIIT (high-intensity interval training – high intensity interval training) to maintain your health and body in shape. About the amazing technique of Bit writes The Independent.

The doctor says that intense exercise in such a short period of time “give the same result as a 30 minute moderate workout in the gym, which is the world organization of health recommends to do it every day”.

HIIT training consists of 20-40 seconds of exercise with high intensity, interspersed with short pauses to rest. Just will need to perform ten of these approaches.

It has been proven that this kind of training helps in weight loss, speeds up metabolism and force the body to burn fat for 24 hours after the end of the lesson.

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