What are popular among Ukrainian products are very harmful to eat together

Every experienced cook knows a large number of products that can and even need to match to make meal more healthy and tasty. But you also need to remember that what food is better not to use together, because you’ll only hurt your body.

  • Coffee and a sandwich

In the morning is often not enough time for a proper Breakfast. Then come to the aid of the best friends coffee and sandwich. But on some of the Goodies you can immediately put a stamp “forbidden”. Carbohydrates, calcium and soluble coffee of incompatible and will bring you only extra pounds.

Tip: if you “withdraw” from this combination does not work, you can replace the coffee to white or green tea.

  • Tomatoes and cucumbers

Exceptionally healthy food, we think, when preparing a salad of fresh vegetables. That’s just the scientists don’t recommend it. In fact, mixing these vegetables, we break biochemical reactions.

Tip: it is necessary to use these products separately. Tonight for dinner will be salad of tomatoes and greens, and tomorrow – from cucumbers.

  • Potatoes and meat

Who can resist mom’s fried potatoes with meat? Such a treat before a fall, it can be truly difficult for the body.

This combination of products for a long time gets stuck in the stomach and can give a whole bunch of other things: indigestion, gases, or other disorders.


  • What food must eat together to have a great body

Tip: meat is best combined nekrahmalistye vegetables: asparagus, broccoli, green beans, leafy greens, zucchini.

  • Milk and buckwheat

In buckwheat contains iron, milk – calcium. It would seem that when you combine them together, you get highly beneficial compound. Many who does so. However, iron and calcium bad friends and prevent the absorption of each other. Leaning on a buckwheat and milk at the same time, we neutralize their useful properties. As a result, the body does not receive any micronutrients.

Tip: eat dairy products and products containing iron, at different times.

Do not eat these foods together in order to improve your diet and reduce their useful properties.