TOP 10 mistakes in behavior of women who push men away from sex

British sexologist Tracey Cox in a column for the Daily Mail lists what scares or repels women.

As Tracy writes, men assume that there is a long list of what they are doing wrong in bed with women. Mainly because female sexuality is more complex. But this we can say, medical fact does not mean that a woman also does not commit the common mistakes during sexual intercourse.


  • Scientists have discovered how the human person to define sexual proclivities

Here are ten things that often women are doing, which can lead to lower quality relationships:

  • Offer to watch porn, and then blame him for his reaction to what is happening.
  • Noisy, especially when others can hear.
  • To go to the bathroom before sex, then not bringing myself up.
  • Lean back and stand idly by.
  • Scratching the back.
  • Try to try something new without discussing it in advance.
  • Too worry about the form of his body.
  • The abuse of missionary position.
  • To regulate his orgasm.
  • To have sex, as if doing a favor.

Try to fix these errors and your sexual relationship with your partner will become stronger and longer.