What will happen to the hryvnia after the resignation Smoliy: the head of the NBU Council gave a clear forecast

Fundamental reasons for the devaluation of the hryvnia no, Danilishin noted

Ukrainians should not fear the fall of the hryvnia after the dismissal of Yakov Smoliy from the post of Chairman of the National Bank. About this in Facebook wrote the head of the NBU Council Bohdan Danylyshyn.

“All the talk about the course – it shouts, currency speculators, who in recent years profited from financial speculation and “pyramid bonds”. They can say: read the terms of the new Memorandum with the IMF. And today the fundamental reasons for the devaluation of the hryvnia no,” – he wrote.

Danylyshyn emphasized that the current account, which determines the fundamental value of the national currency is positive.

Zelensky on the hryvnia, “I don’t see that we need to keep”

“The volume of international reserves of the National Bank is more than 28 billion US dollars, it is not only enough to smooth out any excessive exchange rate fluctuations, but much more than the entire volume of cash and non-cash hryvnia in the economy. Therefore, we are ready to conduct regular foreign exchange interventions on the interbank market to smooth excess demand for foreign currency in the amount that will be required for this,” said he.