Before administration trump has set an ambitious goal

The President of the United States Donald trump promises to create 25 million jobs and reduce the tax burden on ordinary Americans and small businesses. This is stated in the published on the website of the White house document on the priorities trump.

“To put the economy back on track, President trump has developed a bold plan to create 25 million new jobs in the next decade and a return to 4% annual economic growth”, – stated in the message on the upgraded website of the White house in section “Tasks”.

In addition, the report said, the new U.S. administration intends to conduct a tax reform to “help American workers and businesses to save more dollars, hard-earned”.

“The President’s plan would reduce the tax burden for Americans for each tax to simplify the tax code and reduce the corporate tax rate in the United States, which is the highest in the world,” the document says.

In addition, according to the announcement, trump plans to ease the barriers for small businesses in the United States as “only in 2015, Federal regulations cost U.S. economy more than 2 trillion dollars.”

It is noted that this is why trump will impose a moratorium on new Federal regulations, the document says.

As reported, the document stated that trump has high hopes for “revoluciju” shale gas and oil.

Recall that Donald trump has brought today the oath of the President of the United States, becoming the 45th Chapter of America.