Chinese microblogger on the meeting of XI and trump: friendship is more valuable than money

Young idol


Between people there are always contradictions, but the person standing in front of them, you have to be brave to meet “eye to eye”. There is no such problem, which can not allow a personal meeting. We do not live in a primitive society, so the best way is communication, and not quarrel.

Whole grapes


Too many big news for two days, my head is spinning. Strikes on Syria overshadowed and meeting trump and si, and the election of Neil Gorsuch a member of the Supreme court of the United States. And yet this news has distracted everyone from the first interview with Hillary Clinton in which she speaks about Russian interference in the presidential election. Well done.



Met trump and XI Jinping, America on this occasion held a big ceremony. And yesterday, America has launched more than 50 strikes against Syria under the pretext that it has chemical weapons. Not even consulted with the UN security Council. I think America has no humanity.

Lin Tzaneen


The meeting of XI and trump don’t have time to start, as immediately focused the attention of the whole world. China and America are the two “fat man” on the world stage, the direction of their relations affects the nervous system around the world. Our unpredictable era of a firm handshake trump and XI Jinping will guarantee prosperity, stability and peace in the world. China and America have gone through many obstacles, but time proves that only cooperation can bring mutual benefits to both sides. Two coexisting powers only by going through the trap history can determine the path they will go in the future.

Graduate Student Yan Jianning To


Have you noticed that the colors of the ties trump and XI Jinping coincide with the colors of the dresses of their wives? Why such a coincidence? Perhaps such a unity in the clothes they wanted to show the harmony and unity of the spouses.



The meeting, XI and trump is our hope.

Lu Yan from Beijing


The fact that the meeting XI trump held in the presidential residence in palm beach softens a formal setting, gives a sense of simplicity, as if met old friends. Good diplomatic reception. You may be able to achieve great results, rather than in a formal setting.



The sixth trump spoke about a meeting with XI Jinping: “We talked half a day, but so to anything and did not, completely useless. But we became friends. I hope to further develop this friendship.” Well, sat — and you can disperse. As they say, friendship is more valuable than money.

Old Lee does it effortlessly


Watched a lot of Chinese and American media about the meeting, XI and trump, and decided to see what they write on this subject the Taiwan compatriots. Went to Facebook (God knows why they like to use Facebook, an already obsolete toy) and it turned out that XI Jinping full of fans. The moment when si with wife leaving the plane, holding hands, moved to tears by tuwanek. And MS Peng (wife of XI Jinping — ed.ed.) looked, as always, very elegant. Surely they were even more excited than we are when looking at the handshake si and trump. It seems that the forces for unity with the mainland China, still tend to develop and may take the place of Cai Inven.

Shanghai BA!


In palm beach have met two of the most influential people in the world and two of the most beautiful “first lady.”