What is the best way to lose weight: nutritionists told

Protein rich Breakfast is the best way to maintain existing weight and get rid of extra pounds. This is stated in the study, researchers from the University of Missouri (USA).

According to them, Breakfast should contain about 35 grams of protein – then people will long feel full and eat less during the day.

Experts have collected three groups of people aged 18-20 years who had weight and eating irregularly. In particular, in your everyday life, subjects often skipped Breakfast (had Breakfast no more than twice a week). All of them were divided into three groups. In the same group for Breakfast eat cereal with milk, the second protein-rich foods such as milk, eggs, lean pork. In the third group of participants was allowed to eat in the old familiar mode for them.


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After 12 weeks it was found that volunteers who ate a Breakfast high in protein, have to consume less calories a day and lost weight, whereas in other groups this has not happened. It was also found that the volunteers who ate protein for Breakfast, the glucose level in blood has been the most stable – they are less than others ate sweets and did not feel strong hunger.