Kiev market: the capital of Ukraine began to appear in foreign advertising

Kiev fell in love with the Western giants: Google, Diesel, Lacoste, Mazda and order a shot of your ad in the Ukrainian metropolis. The culmination was the appearance of the Kiev locations in commercial Apple during the presentation of new products on September 12, writes “New time”.

“Kiev is now in the trend, says Executive producer production studios Family Anastasia Bukowski. – That’s a great European capital. Foreigners are not expected here is something interesting, in addition to the Pechersk Lavra and cathedrals”.

Although to get the Apple in a portfolio of works for Ukraine was not easy: IT-giant is not working directly with Ukrainian contractors. They are getting orders, winning tenders American advertising agencies. Those who signed contracts with Apple, and then looking for the country in which it is possible to take high-quality and inexpensive video. Thus, the Americans and drew attention to Ukraine. And they are not alone: in the summer Radioaktive participated in the filming advertisement for French clothing brand Lacoste, and before that worked with Google, Xbox, General Electric and Heineken.

Is the Apple Watch at the train station and metro

Ukrainian production is attracted to foreigners primarily by the price: the cost of shooting in Ukraine usually 4-5 times lower than in a developed European country or the United States.

At the same time, Western brands are not willing to trust an expensive shooting local specialists of this profile. They often bring their operators. Ukrainian pradakshinam got the role of organizer of the shoot – logistics, maintenance of equipment, extras, accommodation and meals. “Ten specialists of the same America for a week, and they fly business class, is already more 50 thousand dollars. to estimate the shooting,” says the founder of creative Agency Banda Paul Urges.

In Ukraine it is possible to obtain permission to shoot in places that in any other developed country would have imposed a taboo

The Bukowski said that the Ukrainian creative Agency didn’t really want to work with local filmmakers. “The institutions do not teach in the advertising Directors, and filmmakers on advertising production looking from the top down,” complained one producer. But a new generation of national staff comes on the heels of the imported competitors: studios are increasingly looking to cheaper Ukrainian specialists for local projects, explained the Director and founder of production Group Shoot Yulian Ulybin.

Studio in Ukraine is technically ready to the most exquisite foreign orders. In addition, in Ukraine it is possible to obtain permission to shoot in places that in any other developed country would have imposed a taboo, said Urges. “In many countries it is forbidden to shoot in the subway, no matter how much money you may have paid, he says. – I can’t imagine how Apple would be removed at the new York station and how much would it cost”.

His words were confirmed adviser to the head of the Kiev subway Natalia Makogon. Agree about shooting in the Moscow metro is easy – just fill out the form on the website and be prepared to pay for an estimate that includes the electricity bill, using the car structure and wages of technical employees.

Advertising Diesel – unfinished Podolsko resurrection bridge

The appeal of the aesthetics of Kiev, explains the Executive producer of Toy Production that the ad was shot in Ukraine for British Telecom operator Virgin Media, the Italian auto brand FIAT and a major U.S. energy company Chevron: “the Global market for interesting Soviet architecture and modern interior things, – he said – But Pirogovo he is not interested, it’s only our inner aesthetics. The world needs cosmopolitanism”.