Gas reserves in Ukraine reached 16 billion cubic meters

The volume of gas in underground storages (UGS) of Ukraine as of 23 September increased to 16,048 billion cubic meters. m. it is stated in the operational summary the operator of the Ukrainian gas transportation system “Ukrtransgaz”.

Thus, UGS filled at 51%.

For the last accounting day in the store uploaded of 56.05 million cubic meters of gas. Of them from Slovakia – 26.03 cubic meters, Hungary – 15.9 million cubic meters, Poland – 2.55 million cubic meters.

For five days, from September 18 – volume of gas in UGS increased by 359 million cubic meters. m Thus, to reach 17 billion cubic meters in underground storage facilities by October 1, the daily fuel imports will increase.


  • Russia will not be able to abandon the gas transit through Ukraine – rossm

Earlier, the Minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasaliki declared plans to accumulate in UGS of Ukraine by 1 October 2017 17 billion cubic meters of gas during the heating season 2017-2018.

From November 2015, Ukraine does not buy gas directly from the Russian “Gazprom”, because all imported fuel into the country in reverse