Putin is very pleased with the trump

The dismissal of the head of the press service of the White house ten days after the assignment is an example of why Russia is so happy to the new American leadership. The white house plunged into chaos. Trump is not able to insist on anything, not only in order to rebuff the opposition, but also to satisfy part of his own party. Trump’s rule, and personal problems overshadowed his team’s problems in the U.S. and the world. Mostly the reason for that — his character and approach to the presidency, is not compatible with the American political system.

For Russia and also for China, North Korea and Syria is good news. Trump can threaten them from time to time to make some gestures, but neither he nor his team has no time, effort, and often basic intellectual abilities in order to deal with these countries closely and systematically. Trump blames the weakness of his predecessor, but hasn’t been weakened the United States as much as the current President. Tweeting does not mean to rule.

But it’s better than weak and ridiculous the President can be only weak, funny and at the same time Pro-Russian President. This tramp is. However, in his post he can not openly declare their position, so instead of having to cancel anti-Russian sanctions, he tightens them. Thus, it is disappointing primarily Russian citizens. Their leader promised them America, which is to curry favor with Russia and respect it.

The reduction of the Russian personnel serving American diplomats, is not so much a manifestation of the frustration of Putin as a message to the domestic audience, saying that the leader remains strong, and no one can with impunity ignore it.

But on the whole it’s all over. Now, U.S. diplomats will be in difficulty: they have lost the majority of our staff, including cooks and gardeners who helped to operate embassies and other American institutions. But American diplomats such somehow survive. Perhaps part of all this is good, as most of this staff have worked for Russian intelligence.

Worse to ordinary citizens of Russia, who wanted to go to America, or the fact that American diplomats have helped in one way or another. Now visas slower, and the Russians being persecuted by the regime, diplomats will remain less time. And this again is beneficial to the Kremlin.

However, to take more tensions Putin has no reasons. Just because his main goal he has reached.