Our Sportline-2016: “Doctor strange” Fonseca and “Goodfellas” Usyk and Lomachenko (photo)

Ukrainian sport in the past year of 2016 was more like the plot of the drama films, but there were pleasant moments.

That only is a fantastic interchange for canoista Yuri Cheban at the Olympics in Rio or the real tragicomedy team at the Euros in France.

Not without new superheroes – Paulo Fonseca for the six months forced the Shakhtar fans forget about the departure of Mircea Lucescu.

We offer our collection of home movies of 2016 according to the results of the sports year in Ukraine.

Tarzan. Legend
In roles: Oleg Verniaiev, beams and goats

“Even so never worried, it was dumb. But when I jumped, I realized: I’m the champion!” so Vernaeve described their “gold” bars in Rio. Plus Oleg “silver” in the all-around gymnastics, one of the symbols of the Olympics. And it would be too “gold” if judges wiped the glasses… But the Vernaeve and so our hero of the year.

Fees: “gold”, “silver” OI, $205 thousand of the state prize, Toyota Avensis, $20 million from sponsors for the NOC, land in Kiev

Elina in Wonderland
Starring: Svitolina, Williams, Kerber

For the first time in the top 15 of the women’s tennis ranking at the end of year is Ukrainian. Elina Svitolina beat and Serena Williams (and the Olympics!), and Angelique Kerber – the first two “rackets” in one season, which in tennis is not happened for six years. A journey into the wondrous world elite of the WTA 22-year-old Elina plans to continue in the top ten, by may of next year.

Fees: $1 677 851 prize

Starring: Vasyl Lomachenko, Oleksandr Usyk

Now Ukraine has two world Champions in professional Boxing – godfathers Lomachenko and Usyk. “The best technique boxer since Muhammad Ali,” as recently called Scrap promoter Bob Arum, increased weight (up to 59) and cut the champion Roman Martinez combination, claiming the prize for “knockout of the year”. The heavy Mustache for the first time tried on the world title belt and has already managed once to protect, making their debut in America.

Fees: belt Champions in the second the WBO Featherweight and heavyweight

Batman V Superman: dawn of justice
Starring: Dynamo, Shakhtar

The competition superheroes of our football, different positive, was the new season even better with 12 teams in the Premier League, a new format in two stages, the head to heads more often. And for the year… Dynamo the title of CHU in the spring, “Shakhtar” – a 13-point lead now. In Europe in DK – LCH, but failed, SHD – LE, with the semifinals in the spring and a record for the Ukraine group stage with 6 victories in 6 matches in the fall.

Fees: the gold Dynamo in UPL, the semi-finals of Shakhtar in LE

Love is not the size
Starring: Michael Fomenko and 23 players of the national team

That’s what happened with our national team for Euro 2016 – the French Comedy. When I entered the base in AIX-EN-Provence, it seemed romantic: “we Have huge potential!” promised Linnet. But then came the sitcom, which is not funny guys Fomenko, 3 defeats, 0 goals, and the last, 24th place at TH.

Fees: 0:2 Germany 0:2 Northern Ireland 0:1 from Poland.

The big friendly giant
Starring: Alex Lang, “Phoenix suns”

Alex Lane in Instagram asking what book to read – “Code of the samurai”, “the Buddha walks into a bar” or “Sacred rings” of coach Phil Jackson, and showed the new Porsche (“My favorite white girl”), and on basketbolniy site has been running $4.8 million salary in Phoenix. The highest paid athlete of Ukraine in this year. And just high, 216 cm!

Fees: $4 823 621 s/n for the season

Light in the ocean
Starring: Paralympic team of Ukraine

117 medals were won by Ukrainians at the Paralympics in Rio. Our record and shared third place, more than just China and the UK. Swimmer Maxim Kripak second among all for gold 5, his colleague Eugene Bogotano multimedialny in Rio – 9 (4-3-2). One Paralympic medals, almost all of our Olympic athletes (11). State prize medal of the Paralympics: $40-26-18 thousand

Fees: 41 gold, 37 silver, 39 bronze

The illusion of deception-2
Starring: dehydrochlormethyltestosterone etc.

In addition to the mess with Meldonium this year WADA still had enough to test new methods of doping tests from the previous Olympiads. Silver-2012 lost beginning Friday, bronze – the weight of Kalina. Beijing 2008 – minus the medals of shtangista Box and Davydova, lastovica Yurchenko. But a wave of suspensions brought bronze tagilatelle Paratool became 5th at the Olympics in 2012.

Fees: minus 2 silver and 3 bronze medals of the Olympics, plus 1 bronze

Starring: Olga Harlan

Only a bronze in the individual saber at the Olympics. Only “silver” in the team. Our unassailable Harlan, collected already at the Games rewards all the virtues, as it was slightly dissatisfied, even with tears. Although these two medals became the most decorated man in Rio 2016. So let’s wish that we all had the same planochki, as Olia, one of the superheroes of our sport.

Fees: “silver” and “bronze” of Olympiad in 2016 (in the cavalier set to “gold”-2008 and in addition to the “bronze”-2012)

The magnificent seven
Starring: Andriy Shevchenko

At first, the appointment of shevy coach was perceived as the sacrifice of the playing career of the great rooms 7 and cronyism with the President of the FFU Andrew Pavelko. And he’s typing assistants like Tassotti and Riancho, quickly put himself by Andrei. Updated a third composition (AU, Khacheridi) went to the long-awaited tactical experiments, and not where it should be, losing (1:1 at home with Iceland), suddenly started to buy (I almost flunked Turkey away, 2:2). Will continue.

Fees: 8 points out of 12

Dragon Pete
Starring: Tyson and Peter fury, cocaine, Klitschko

For the first time in 20 years, we have not seen any of Klitschko. Taking Vladimir titles, Tyson fury spree. Broke two rematch with the Ukrainian. Admitting then that does not dry out, train stopped, and the fall moved on to cocaine, which got him up. Belts lost. His trainer Peter fury, who served two terms for drug trafficking, promising that by the spring of his fire-breathing nephew will be back. But Klitschko is preparing to select a title already in Joshua.

Fees: championship belts IBF, WBO, IBO

Miracle on the Hudson
Starring: Yuri Cheban

Our canoeist Yuriy Cheban has won a medal in the third Olympic games for a second consecutive gold! Although a champion of “landing” on the rowing channel had to challenge, first Ukrainian mistakenly not made it to the finals. “Gold” Cheban became the second and the last for Ukraine in Rio: antirekordnaya for us summer Olympics and the “gold” and medals (11).

Fees: Olympic gold in canoe-single at 200 m, $125 million of state prize, an apartment in Kiev, $20 million from sponsors of the NOC

Doctor Strange
Starring: Paulo Fonseca

As in the cinematic universe of heroes, a new important character appeared in our football. After 12 years and 22 of title Mircea Lucescu at the helm of Shakhtar head coach was Paulo Fonseca. Starting with surgery tactics in attack and executing in the protection of the young (43), the Portuguese continued therapeutic methods. The results are quite wonderful and in the Ukrainian League and the Europa League.

Charges:a 13-point lead Shakhtar CHU, the output of the next stage with wins in all 6 matches of the group LE

Starring: Natalia Dobrynska, Olga Box, Vita Semerenko

In September there was a baby boom in our sports stars. Semibalki Natalia Dobrynska and businessman Konstantin Yevtushenko was a two-year, Darius, now appeared and a daughter, Alicia (4040 g, 55 cm). The weightlifter Olga Boxes that once weighed 166 kg and dropped 60, little smaller – 3640 g, 54 see husband Andrew named his son Zachary. The biathlete Vita Semerenko and footballer Andriy Patsyuk mark was born (3400 g, 53 cm). And after two months of Vita returned to training…

Fees: Alicia, Zachary, Mark

Manchester by the sea
Starring: Dynamo, Zorya, Zinchenko

With Manchester this year was a lot of history. From the “my Teams” in the spring “the Dynamo” flew out of the playoffs of the Champions League, where he was for the first time in 17 years. “Manunited” in the fall played “dawn” in the group round of the Europa League, where he was for the first time in history. And in the summer Manchester city bought Ukrainian midfielder Oleksandr Zinchenko, however, soon Guardiola sent a “new de Bruyne” for rent Dutch PSV.

Fees: 1:3 and 0:0 Dynamo 0:1 and 0:2 “dawn”, €2 million for Zinchenko

Man – Swiss army knife
Starring: Ceferin, founder, investments in Euro-2012 NSK “Olympic”

September 14 at the Swiss headquarters of UEFA has a new owner, Slovenia Ceferin, founder. And a cut the next day Kiev gave the final of the Champions League in 2018. One of the main positives of our sport. For the first time club European champion will be determined in our land. Ukraine deserved it football hyperstrong behalf of Euro 2012. But the way the tier final.

Fees: the Champions League final 2018 in Kiev