10 types of women that do not want to marry men

Relationship expert, author and Creator of mobile apps for Dating Samantha Daniels on the basis of their professional experience distinguishes 10 types of women men do not want to marry, writes NV Style.

Woman-teacher. When a man meets a woman and hear her good advice, at first it seems that she cares for him and tells you how to do it better. But when the Soviets and morals do not stop, he feels like a schoolboy who has not learned the lessons and guilty standing in front of the teacher. Men hate when a woman constantly lecturing. And to marry a woman don’t want to.

The woman who plays feelings. At first playful and inaccessible woman wants to win. But if she will continue to believe that the whole world, including the man at her feet, to cause male jealousy and create all sorts of “sharp” moments, the man will not tolerate this.

A woman who tries to change a man. A woman says she loves a man for what he is. But in fact, slowly trying to adjust his musical preferences to update your wardrobe and decide which friends he should talk to, and what – not. A woman who does not respect the individuality of men do not want to marry.

A jealous and suspicious woman. When a woman is wary of any actions of the man, unjustly jealous and blames him, the man eventually get tired of excuses. He feels unjustly accused and does not want to associate with this woman my whole life.

A woman who dedicated herself to the man. The woman, in which nothing happens except the relationship with a man, which gives him all the time and requires the same benefits, often not suited to the role of wife. Men love it when a woman is too passionate about something, when she is a personality with its own interests.

The woman, who did not have a relationship with his father. Such women usually meet older men trying deep down to find it the father, not a boyfriend or husband. At first, men like that a woman openly answering all questions and showing genuine kindness. But when a man wants to have sex with her and create a serious relationship, he realizes that the woman is stuck in adolescence and waiting for “dad” it will be noticed praise.

The woman who discusses with the mother. At first the man likes that woman maintains a close relationship with the family. But when he realizes that she can’t take any important decision without consulting with the mother, it begins to alert and annoy. The man doesn’t want the future mother-in-law intervened in the lives of his family.

Woman gossip girl. When a woman is interested in life all around, constantly gossips and jokes on friends, at first the man was amused. But then he thinks about what she says about him behind his back.

The woman who always compares himself and man with others. When a woman constantly complains that the neighbors new car, a colleague at work, a high salary, and the seller in the store, a slim figure, a man crushed by these comparisons and he does not want to live with such a woman.

Always slimming woman. As a rule, men love tasty and satisfying to eat. When they meet a woman on a diet, at first they like it because they think their girl will always be slim and beautiful. Then, when the man notices that the woman is too concerned about his weight and goes insane due to the extra 200 grams, rethinking its dependence on proper nutrition. In addition, there are together better than alone.

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