The voice of reason

Jon huntsman (Jon Huntsman) to be the new U.S. Ambassador to Russia. This was announced Tuesday by the White house. President Donald trump was appointed Ambassador in Moscow, the former Governor of Utah, who was already a top diplomat in Singapore under George Bush (George W. Bush), and under Barack Obama as Ambassador to China. The Mormon huntsman is considered a voice of reason and an experienced mediator — qualities which are badly needed in the current tense situation between the two countries.

On the day of appointment of the Huntsman, his colleague on the other hand, Sergey Kislyak, Russian Ambassador to Washington, made his farewell reception. Kislyak, who will replace hardliner Anatoly Antonov in recent months was constantly in the spotlight of American media. Sometimes it was almost the Central figure lasted several months, the Russian Scam. So, Kislyak had talks during the election campaign a former Advisor to trump on security issues Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn), and his son-in-law Jared Kushner (Jared Kushner).

The last Chapter in this Russian Scam was unknown until now to the public meeting between Donald trump and Vladimir Putin. The U.S. President and Russian President was held on the sidelines of the G20 in Hamburg the second conversation, which was attended by only a translator of Putin. For critics, it means “a breach of Protocol national security.” The President of the United States trump immediately responded to this criticism and called on Twitter authors of the relevant media reports “sick”. A White house spokesman said that it was only a “brief conversation at the end of dinner.” But observers say the “watch conversation”. Meanwhile, the content of this conversation is unknown.

The appointment of Huntsman must be approved by the Senate, but this is considered a formality. The former Governor, a moderate Republican, enjoys a good reputation with both sides. He ran as a candidate in the presidential election in 2012, received third place in the primaries in new Hampshire and stopped the election campaign. He later led the Institute for foreign policy Institut of the Atlantic Council. He is member of several Supervisory boards, including oil giant Chevron and car manufacturer Ford. In this election campaign but he is quite late began to support Donald trump and demanded his resignation after there was the infamous sexist video trump. Then the huntsman said, what pre-election struggle “hit bottom” and called Mike Pence (Mike Pence), the current Vice-President, to stand instead of trump for President.

He demanded the resignation of trump after his notorious sexist video

For his part, trump was called a few years ago appointed him Ambassador to Russia “lightweight”. The huntsman was then Ambassador in Beijing, when trump called him in Twitter in 2011, “weak”. Meanwhile, as they say in the American media, the two have settled their differences. The huntsman was also included trump in the list of possible secretaries of state. The Huntsman, who calls himself “a proud Mormon,” seven children. Including Abby huntsman (Abby Huntsman), and moderator of the popular morning show “Fox & Friends”, one of my favorite programs Donald trump, whom he, in his own words, looks and in the White house when he has time.

Along with the ongoing Russian Scam relations between the two countries also burdened by the conflict in Ukraine and war in Syria. The new Ambassador to Moscow will be tough times.