What cereals will help to cleanse the body of toxins and lose weight with health benefits

Most of us only know about the benefits of the most popular cereals – buckwheat and oatmeal. Especially for you we gathered information about other, not less useful cereals. To lose weight, choose any cereal for weight loss from our list and arrange a fasting day (throughout the day you can eat only porridge, fruits and vegetables) or for seven days replace your normal Breakfast and dinner, one of croup, says “Home”.

The most beneficial cereals for losing weight and cleaning the body of toxins:

  • Millet

This useful cereal for weight loss not just prevents the deposition of fat in the body, but also removes them from the body. In addition, millet can help to flush toxins, saturates the body with magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, and vitamins PP, E and b group vitamins. Buy Pshenko in transparent packaging to ensure that seeds bright yellow color. Than millet yellow, so it is useful. Rinse thoroughly a glass of millet groats, pour three cups of water and cook until tender. You can add sesame seeds, a teaspoon of Flaxseed oil or a small handful of raisins.

  • Buckwheat

It is believed that buckwheat is the most environmentally friendly of all grains because it is grown without chemical fertilizers: buckwheat itself influences the weeds. Buckwheat is recommended for the prevention and treatment of anemia due to high iron content. There are many groups and routine. For those who want to lose weight buckwheat – almost a win-win option: it contains complex carbohydrates that are slowly digested and for a long time give a feeling of satiety. Fasting day with buckwheat. In the evening pour boiling water 250 grams of buckwheat groats and cover. The next day, eat the resulting mush with fresh greens and drink lots of water and tea without sugar.

  • Wheat

This grain regulates the fat metabolism and lowers cholesterol. Dishes made from wheat grains improve the condition of skin, hair and nails, as well as slowing the aging process. And most importantly – wheat removes from the body excess fat, therefore can rightfully be considered one of the best dietary products. Besides wheat porridge is one of the most low-calorie, so it will help regarding quickly reduce weight.

  • Oatmeal

Oats and its derivatives and oat cereals contain vitamins PP, E and b vitamins and magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, sodium and zinc. But if you want to lose weight, the most important high content of fiber, which helps to cleanse the body. To lose weight cook oats in water with cinnamon, which activates the metabolism. In the finished porridge, add a teaspoon of honey or some fresh fruit (except bananas and grapes). Don’t be surprised if after a few days with oatmeal for Breakfast and dinner you continue to lose weight this wholesome grits are intensifying the digestion process and cleansing the body.

  • Barley

Pearl barley as barley, made of barley grain. The seeds contain a complex of vitamins and minerals, and also rich in lysine – this powerful amino acid involved in the production of collagen. And collagen, known to be responsible for the youthfulness of the skin. Barley is considered one of the best foods for weight loss, because while cooking it increases in volume by five times. This means that the calories in it quite a bit, and it is possible without harm for a figure to eat quite a big portion. In the evening rinse and soak the barley in the morning, cook it without sugar and salt. If you arrange a fasting day with barley, the effect is noticeable immediately. This cereal is perfectly displays the body of excess fluid and swelling significantly reduced.

  • Figure

If you want to lose weight, you need to follow two important rules. First, keep in mind that the most useful thing for health – raw brown rice. After all, up to 70% of the vitamins and minerals contained in the shell of rice grains. Secondly, there’s one trick that allows you when preparing to almost halve the calorie content of rice. When cooked, put grits in boiling water and add a teaspoon of coconut oil and after cooking, immediately cool. What’s the secret? It’s simple: lipids (which in large quantities contains coconut oil) are changing the structure of starch in rice. Because of this the calorie content is reduced.