The figure that threatens the development of dangerous diseases

For many years science has warned about the dangers of obesity as there is evidence that large amounts of excess weight provoke mammary tumors. Recently, scientists from China have found that women with the figure “type of Apple” often cause the most deadly form of breast cancer.

Experts also demonstrated a connection between obesity and disease, which is more complex than previously accepted. In particular, they found that women with increased body mass index who have excess fat distributed on the hips and buttocks (pear shape) are much more likely to suffer from hormone positive breast cancer. This kind of disease develops under the influence of the female hormone estrogen, which is able to adhere to proteins in the cancer cells and stimulate their growth. Patients usually give drug tamoxifen to block the effects of oestrogen, which stimulates the formation of tumor cells.


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At the same time, women with a higher ratio of waist to hips in which marked accumulation of excess fat in the abdomen and the sides (Apple shape), are increasingly threatened by hormone negative breast cancer, which is much more dangerous. During this type of disease, drugs to block the effects of hormones ineffective, so women have to resort to chemotherapy.