Which product leads to kidney stones and thinning of the bones

According to canadian scientist Todd Alexander from the University of Alberta, people who consume too much salt, you’re at risk for kidney stones because their urine is formed, the excess calcium. This, in turn, can lead to thinning of the bones, according to med2.ru.

Experts using animal models found a molecule that controls movement in the body, sodium is also associated with the movement of calcium. Therefore, calcium along with sodium is washed out with the urine when an excess of the latter.


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In the course of work, scientists have studied the cells of the kidneys of mice and opossum. When samples were removed, the molecule that controls calcium and sodium, the cells lose their ability to absorb or retain calcium. Exactly how you can use the discovery, researchers don’t know yet.

One thing is for sure: many people consume much more salt than recommended by nutritionists. For example, the average canadian has 3400 milligrams of salt, which is two times more than the norm.