Correspondent (Ukraine): why Ukrainians go to work in Poland

Do you know why in Poland do not wrap the program of the government? It’s simple. The program of the Polish government for 5 years is prepared in the framework of a long-term strategy of Poland until 2030. And not important the name of the Prime Minister or the Cabinet of Ministers, have long-term goals that are consensual and important to all poles, regardless of the color of the political flag and to be achieved.

Accordingly, members of the Cabinet do not do as we do, copy the previous programmes and writing tasks which they themselves do not greatly straining. Every five years, the poles claimed the action plan on 9 areas within the long-term goals defined in strategic documents. What?

1. The concept of national spatial development up to 2030


  • The Council of Ministers approved it on 13 December 2011 (!) is the most important document relating to spatial order in Poland. Its strategic objective is the efficient use of space and its various development potentials to achieve competitiveness, increase employment and improve the efficiency of the state and social, economic and spatial cohesion in the long term.


2. Strategy till 2030 (Document, from 2013…)

3. Sustainable development strategy of Poland until 2025 (the document was prepared in 2000-m to year)

4. The national development strategy 2020

5. Since the package was created strategies, documents that are currently in force and adopted.

Also acts establish a legal base for the proposed solutions. And don’t ask more why Poland is growing, and the Ukrainians to go to work…

Anatoliy Amelin, co-founder of the analytical center “Ukrainian Institute for the future”, the Director of the program “Economics”