What factors affect insomnia

Are you aware that age, gender and certain health problems can increase the risk of insomnia? Experts in the field of treatment of this disorder from Italy called risk factors that can deprive a person of sleep, writes newsyou.info.

Female. Sleep problems are quite common among women. According to experts, hormonal changes during menstruation or menopause destructively affect the quality of sleep. Menopause also causes hot flashes and night sweats, which affects night rest women of middle and old age. During pregnancy the body goes through many hormonal changes which can also cause insomnia. All these difficulties can help to overcome an experienced gynecologist.

Increased levels of stress. We all know the feeling when we toss and turn under the blanket and can’t sleep because of disturbing thoughts. Associated with work or personal life stress negatively affects the quality of sleep and causes insomnia. Try meditation, quiet walks before bed and other ways of distraction.


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Problems with the psyche. Different kinds of mental disorders are often accompanied by insomnia. In this case, the original treatment of the problem will lead to the improved quality of sleep. Visit the psychologist.

Aging. When a person passes the age around 60 years, the risk of developing insomnia increases significantly. Mainly this is due to the changes of the body and sleep schedule in the elderly. With each passing year the likelihood of insomnia increases.