The results of the day: news of Ukraine and world, facts and figures


14 times over the past day the militants of illegal armed groups fired at positions Armed forces of Ukraine, injuring two servicemen, the press center of staff ATO.

1196 prisoners fall on its face under the action signed by the President of Ukraine of the Amnesty law, said the Deputy Minister of justice Denis Chernyshov.

6 thousand border guards since the beginning of the year brought to justice, said the head of the State border service, Peter had Typical. In respect of 73 criminal proceedings are open, 38 of them convicted, fired more than 500 employees, including 26 with deprivation of military rank.

42 million 456 thousand people made up the population of Ukraine on 1 August that on 128,5 thousand less than it was at the beginning of the year, reported state statistics Committee. There remains a substantial excess of deaths over born: 100 to 61.

Up to 800 people is going to increase by March 2018, the number of observers mission of the OSCE. As of September 6, employs 616 observers: 529 men and 87 women.

5 million 799 thousand 360 Ukrainians in the first three months of validity of a visa-free regime called for the EU. Of these, 1 million 413 thousand 178 people entered the EU on biometric passports, including 235 thousand 795 people without visas, that is, 87% of citizens with biometric passports were traveling with visas. The refusal of entry to the EU for the duration of the “bezveze” received 61 a citizen of Ukraine. The main reasons for refusal was exceeding the duration of stay in the EU during previous trips and the lack of documents proving the purpose and conditions of stay in the EU.


Downgraded from 2.4% to 2.3% , the state statistics service its estimate of GDP growth in the second quarter to the same period in 2016. Real GDP in comparison with the first quarter (adjusted for seasonal factors) increased by 0.6%.

$3 billion on this amount, Ukraine placed a new Eurobonds. The maturity period of 15 years, income – 7,375% per annum. The main part of the funds received will be directed to purchase a more expensive bond former editions, as a result of significantly lower debt repayments in 2019 and 2020.

To 119.7 million UAH envisaged in the draft state budget for 2018 to provide training to the Ukrainian population census to be held in 2020.

Increased by 8.7% in January-March in comparable prices in annual terms, retail turnover, reported state statistics Committee. In August compared with July, it increased by 4.9%.

66,4% of the total volume of collected insurance premiums in the second quarter accounted for the TOP 20 insurance companies in Ukraine, specializing in risk insurance (a year ago their share was 64.9 per cent). While 97.9% of the total market risk insurance accounted for 100 companies, or 37.9 per cent was registered (264).

The first 3 million cubic meters of gas pumped into Ukrainian underground storage facilities according to demands of international traders. Gas can be stored for three years without paying any taxes and customs duties, only paying the usual rate for storage. Such storage is very beneficial for Ukraine, because for your own needs, it uses power storage is only 50%.

At least 1 billion UAH according to the forecast of the state property Fund will constitute income from rent of state property at the end of 2017. Currently, there are about 19 thousand leases, the income from which is as of August totaled $ 673 million. Revenues from the lease of state property in 2016 amounted to 1.02 billion UAH, which is 16% less than in 2015.


$500 million is provided to support Ukraine in the sphere of security and defense in the “Law on the U.S. budget for national defence to 2018”, a draft of which was approved by the Senate. For the first time at the legislative level it is proposed to provide Ukraine the following defensive tools: radar air defense and surveillance of the surface situation, the Maritime anti-mine vehicles, ships, coastal actions, and coast guard.

128 countries have spoken in support of reforming the UN. Declaration on the reform includes 10 items aimed at the simplification of procedures and decentralization of decisions, and provides a higher level of transparency, efficiency and accountability.

Will have to share gas with its neighbors in crisis situations the EU. This practice will begin with the upcoming winter, in line with the “law of solidarity”, approved by the European Parliament last week. “The principle of solidarity” means, in the case of gas supply crisis in one of the EU priority for its neighbors should be providing gas to homeowners and hospitals faced with the problem of the country and not the supply of private industrial users. The law assumes that the state requesting the gas, should “quickly to pay or to guarantee the timely payment of fair compensation to the country providing the assistance.”

$1 billion American technology company Intel has already invested in startups engaged in research and development in the field of artificial intelligence.

It strengthened to a maximum category five hurricane “Maria”, which approaches the Caribbean Islands, according to the national hurricane center of the United States. This means that the wind speed exceeds 260 km/h.