The secrets of youth of Chinese women: exercises for face

We all noticed that the Asian girls skin is supple and radiant. Chinese women take care of themselves so that their face is physically impossible to determine the age, writes

China’s strong family traditions. Methods of beauty are passed down from generation to generation-from grandmother to mother, from mother to daughter. In the mentality of Eastern women, dominated by the conviction that all that a woman needs for beauty, is the knowledge and hands. Aggressive methods of correction (peels and braces) are not held in high esteem, and beauty products.

  • Lymphatic drainage massage

This is the most safe and effective type of massage is done with light patting movements: imagine that you beat on the surface of the water – gently, but significantly. Making these pats, move along the massage lines:

  • from the nose to the ears;
  • from the center of the chin to the ears;
  • from centre of forehead to temples.

Walk along the massage lines a few times – one set of massage should take about a minute. Now put your index finger on the center of your chin and move down under the chin, find the point in the mandibular bone. With careful pressure on this point to relax the mandibular joints, there is a feeling of total relaxation of the face. Click on the point for 10-15 seconds you allow the lymph to flow away via the opened channels. Repeat 2-3 set is best in the morning after cleansing.

  • Food

Nutrients transportorul in our body blood. The more intense the blood flow to the area of the face and head in General, the more elastic is the skin. It will not form wrinkles, and the complexion will be the envy of all her friends.

  • Acupressure massage

Maybe you know what is acupuncture. According to Chinese medicine, the body there are channels and the active points on them. Specialists acupuncture affect these points with needles or moxibustion to harmonize the body, to relax strained region, harmonize the blood supply and innervation. Acupressure is a similar technique, the only point in this case aktiviziruyutsya touch.


  • Found an incredible way to extend the life

We invite you to experience the effects of acupressure to improve the nutrition of the skin: the pressure points should be noticeable, but not painful.

  • Put your index, middle and ring fingers at a short distance from the tragus of the ear. Locate the point with pressure which relaxes the temporomandibular joint. Apply pressure for 10-30 seconds, feeling relaxes the lower jaw: the release of these muscles triggers a cascade of relaxation of all facial muscles. Muscles like “melt”, freeing the vessels and improving blood circulation.
  • Put three fingers on the eyebrow line: index and ring – on the outside and the inner edge of the eyebrows, mid – mid. Do not pull or up, not down, and apply pressure perpendicular. This effect relaxes the muscles of the forehead and the eye area, nourishing the skin from within. Eyelids to naturally “float” up, reinforcing and continuing the opening of the eyes.
  • The index and middle finger move from the temple along the line of the cheekbones. Find the angle of the cheekbones is approximately under the center of the eye. Apply pressure for 10-30 seconds: the impact at this point reveals the face by relaxing the temporomandibular joint and smoothing nasolabial folds. The movement should be strong, but without pain.
  • If you perform these exercises every day for several weeks you will see a remarkable result.