Poroshenko: American weapons will help Ukraine to liberate Donbass

American weapons will help Ukraine to liberate Donbass, said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

“First of all American weapons can help us to liberate the Donbas and return of the Ukrainian territory”, – said the President of Ukraine during his speech in the United States Military Academy “West point” (West Point) on Monday in new York.

Poroshenko expressed regret that the question of providing Ukraine lethal weapons still remains controversial and unresolved.

He refuted the argument of the representatives of the Russian Federation about the fact that “American weapons would be able to help resolve the situation in Ukraine” – “actually you can.”


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“They (the representatives of the Russian Federation. – Ed.) also use arguments that providing Americans us weapons would lead to further escalation of the conflict, but this is absolutely not true. Why not make it a positive decision not to save more lives of Ukrainians?” the President emphasized.

He recalled that thanks to the cooperation with the United States, including in matters of humanitarian assistance, was saved the lives of Ukrainian servicemen.

Earlier in the meeting with the Ukrainian community and representatives of Crimean Tatar organizations in new York, Poroshenko noted that providing Ukraine with defensive weapons is not just a weapon, but a legal instrument for the protection of the Ukrainian position.

“One the importance of defensive weapons is not just anti-tank missiles Javelin. We produce ourselves “Stugna”, which has a different principle, but very effective. We’re talking about electronic warfare system, which will give the world irrefutable evidence of the crimes of Russia – from where they opened fire to kill our civil where and when, what caliber they pulled forbidden by the Minsk agreement heavy weapons. Finally, this evidence will allow us to establish the legal position will be considered offences of the Russian Federation in the international court in the Hague … it is not just weapons, and this is a legal tool to protect the Ukrainian positions”, reports the words of Poroshenko during the meeting with the Ukrainian community and representatives of Crimean Tatar organizations on Monday in new York, the presidential website.

Poroshenko also noted that Ukraine is “far along” in negotiations to provide defensive weapons with a new US administration.


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According to him, granting Ukraine defensive weapons will not only Ukraine.

“It’s not just position that allows us to significantly increase the price paid by the Russian aggressors, if he goes to the offensive, but it still opens the possibility for providing us with the same assistance from the UK, Canada and others that are waiting for US political decision”, – said the leader of Ukraine.

As reported in The Wall Street Journal, the Pentagon and the US state Department has developed a plan supplies to Ukraine anti-tank missiles and other weapons, is expected to be approved by the White house.