French Breakfast for those who want to “enjoy” lose weight with health benefits

French women are different from Ukrainians the lack of excess weight and obesity, and all because eat right. Rare to find a Frenchman who for one reason or another does not eat in the morning. The habit of drinking coffee with croissants became popular in this country, and then spread around the world. Today, most people believe that French women with their wasp waist exclusively eat Breakfast coffee and rolls, but actually it is not, though, such a variation of the morning meal is quite right to life, writes

French nutritionists recommend to plan Breakfast so that it accounted for at least 25% of daily calorie needs. That is, during Breakfast, people can afford to consume about 500 calories and be sure that excess weight will not appear.


  • What threatens the body, the daily consumption of the same food: nutritionists told

The main principles of the French Breakfast:

  • The first thing to drink a glass of water. In some cases, the French are preparing fresh juices from citrus fruits and drink them instead of water, but it can be done only by those who have no health problems of the gastrointestinal tract because the juice concentrate of fruit acids, can adversely affect the gastric mucosa, especially if it is already irritated.
  • Not to indulge in baked goods. Many people believe that eating bread and muffins leads to the recruitment of extra body mass, but the French nutritionists allowed to eat foods from this category in the morning, because it is the most that neither is a source of energy and cheerfulness to humans.
  • Coffee, but without sugar. The French did not add sugar to coffee or tea, they drink these flavored drinks in order to Wake up and tune in a positive way and also help the digestive system to “wind up”. So there is no sense to burden useful refreshing drinks with excess sugar (carbohydrates).
  • Hard cheese instead of butter, sausage, sauce and other products that are not beneficial to health, but have a great provoking weight gain and the clogging of blood vessels cholesterol. Nutritionists advise to lean on a good solid cheese in the morning, but no more than 50-70 grams. In cheese contains proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  • Breakfast with the family. For the French, it is very important enjoy point. They’re completely different attitude to their life and health than the Ukrainians. It is important for them to communicate with loved ones and enjoying a meal with family. Nutritionists say that this method of Breakfast, lunch or dinner saves us from the phenomenon of appetite in the middle of the day, and all because when he had Breakfast without being distracted by the gadgets and TV, the brain received the right signal about the saturation. Plus, thus eliminating the risk of overeating and then overweight.
  • The French love themselves, appreciate their time and care about their health. They treat food as the source of health, energy, strength, so never throw yourself in that horrible, do not overeat, do not abuse alcohol and look great at any age.