How to make partner: the list of fragrances-aphrodisiacs for men and women

Aphrodisiacs are substances that stimulate or increase libido or sexual activity. The sellers of spirits today often offer perfumes that contain “pheromones”. They claim that these products can enhance the attractiveness of the opposite sex “on a subconscious level” and act as an aphrodisiac.

However, instead of buying expensive perfume in the store, we offer you a list of natural sources of odors. Writes these aromas are aphrodisiacs can not only make a person more attractive to the opposite sex, but also enhance sexual desire and facilitate sexual activity.

Women’s fragrance oils

Among all the flavors there are those that enhance the sexuality of women, making it attractive to your partner.

Geranium — the scent of a Mature and experienced woman, not wanting routine in the relationship. The oil will make “spice” that will be remembered for a long time.

Jasmine has a sweet aroma, which will help the woman to see and discover its appeal, and also will allow you to fully enjoy intimacy.

Mirra saves woman from selfishness, making her docile and affectionate – to be what she wants to see the man.

Rose is associated with the scent the first night. It will bring tenderness, reverence and playfulness in relationship.

Rosemary is good if you want a long and passionate night of love. Its spicy-sweet flavor tones, enhances sensitivity and libido.

Men’s oil

There are aroma oils for men only. They help to improve potency, increase stamina and give a determination.

Ginger strengthens the virility, warms, stimulates and gives confidence.

Cypress will help you to stay in good shape even men, and also increases the sensitivity during close contact.

Marjoram will make a man unmatched in bed. With this fragrance, he will show tact and sensitivity to the desires of his partner. Also the oil will help to increase body flexibility and sensitivity of erogenous zones.

The patchouli enhances the potency and sensitivity during sexual intercourse, promotes openness and tenderness, making every minute will be unforgettable.

Fir will give courage and confidence that will help him to conquer even the most obstinate goal.

Sandal will drive crazy any woman. Its flavor enhances potency, increases sensuality and will make a man irresistible to a woman’s eyes.

Universal oil

These oils are beneficial as men and women. So make sure you came home at least a couple of bottles that your family life was never boring.

Carnation good if you want a bright and long orgasm. It makes the body sensitive and soft.

Ylang-ylang will help implement the most intimate fantasies as well as strengthen sexual ability of both partners.

Cinnamon at the same time warms, relaxes, increases sexuality and energy, so the desire to awaken from themselves-only touch.

Neroli increases the potency men and sensuality of women, so its use promises a long and passionate delight.

How to use fragrance oil?

Oil can be used in completely different ways, depending on your mood, wishes and plans.

An oil burner. Type in a fluid container with 30 ml of water and five drops of your chosen oil. The aroma will spread around the room after a couple of minutes, and its magical effect will occur after a maximum of a quarter of an hour.

Hot tub. Drawing water for bathing, pour under a jet of hot water 10 drops of your favorite oil. To feel the effect, the procedure should not last less than 20 minutes.

Massage oil. Pure aroma oils on the skin it is impossible to put – the Allergy can begin or remain burns. Therefore, massage the mixture you need to prepare by adding 30 ml of oil base (olive, Flaxseed) to five drops of aromessence.

We will remind, in France, cooked the jam, increases the potency.