September 17 — the Day of the rescuer of Ukraine: how to become an expert in feats

17 your professional holiday is celebrated Ukrainian rescuers, heroes of the civil security. As a rule, modest guys with tired faces who are accustomed to a lot of jobs and little money and, contrary to myth, does not dryhome 24 hours a day on duty. In Europe and the United States to become a lifeguard is not so easy — there is even the privates are taught at least 2 years. Students then make universal soldiers, the idols of the nation and role models for children and adults. The starting salary of a fireman, for example, in the United States — from 33 000 to 52 000 $ in a year, the pension is on average 100 000 per year. More than 95% of American firefighters, once this work remain on it until retirement (go to 57 years), offers the latest advances in technology and science. In our civil service on emergency situations (SSES), to put it mildly, the statistics are slightly different. Except for one point: our rescue is also true of the profession so much that even in retirement they pull back, “on business”.

Lessons and exercises — every duty. Photo: archive of Yuri Biletsky

Courses “diver” — 3200 UAH. Photo: archive of Yuri Biletsky

Who will take in the rescuers

The law allows you to qualify to work in the SSES for anyone over 18 years of age and has no criminal record. “Each is a contract for 3-10 years. To quit at any time, but doing it mainly for health reasons, — says Alexander Makushenko, the employee a press-services of head Department gschs of Kiev, and only after signing the contract (the future of the squad already pay a salary) start classes at one of the training centers”. There are teachers on the profile of chase beginners 3-4 months in theory and practice, then the students take tests, the test among psychologists, the state exam and are sent to work in part.

But that’s not all: newcomer fireman still needs to obtain a conditional permit for the fire. For months, he has been a trainee under an experienced mentor. “First, look at his behavior, because the study and the real situation are two different things, explains Makushenko. — If you see that she is adequately, don’t panic, take a protective apparatus and to the business.” Not ready — waiting until ready.

Alert. Charges a minute! Photo: G. Szalay

Practice: serves a valuable resource

Separate caste — the officers. Prepare three specialized University — Lviv University of life safety, national University of civil defense in the Kharkiv and Cherkasy Institute of fire safety named The Heroes Of Chernobyl. There are other institutions with the relevant faculties — so, Yuri Biletsky, head of the special rescue operations on water objects, graduated from the faculty of MCHS Kamenets-Podolsky military engineering Institute. He was taught and fire business, and subversive, and diving, and tactics to Yuri — universal, the diver-prodigal Pyromancer.
After 5 years of science (4 — bachelor degree, 5 — master) cadet becomes officer who can lead the guard to extinguish the fire.

The students study 5 years and practiced in the training part, then in real

“Do not think that the students — theorists. At universities there are training fire and rescue unit, where everything is real and professions are taught from the basics to the most complex, — says Alexander Makushenko. Cadets are on duty there in various positions, there is a practice in the garrisons. I personally am on the 3rd course was her squad leader in one of the fire stations in the capital. A year later, went there already the chief of the guard”.

A graduate is considered “raw” until you pass the test for independent travel: a young Lieutenant to instruct the guard and put out a fire will not be all that human life and health. Similarly, the submariners: before becoming a diver, you need to pass a special course in a private school or the school of society of assistance to defense of Ukraine. “Theory and practice is 3 months (worth RS 3200. — Ed.). Then the diver be given a diploma of diving, the owner of the 3rd class. Your class improve individually, dives and time hours, says Biletsky. — Learn to say, really nowhere. Because specialists of our profile in the country on the fingers can be counted”.

“Iron horses”. Well maintained, like brand-new. Photo: G. Szalay

Salary, bonuses and supertuck

A year ago, a senior Lieutenant with irregular work schedule received a total of 3800 UAH, the chief of the guard — 4000 UAH per month, and the average lifeguard — 2500-3000 UAH. From the beginning of 2017, according to Makushenko, order was issued by the Department: mentorplace — UAH 5000, plus bonuses, bonuses for years of service and so on. “In a year or two in the service move a: special services, staff turnover (pensions increase),— says Alexander. — They say that wages will increase again.” The housing service can not boast, but for a Dorm room can be calculated. There is a sanatorium in Odessa, you can go with your family: geschenk pays for itself 25% of the cost of the permit, for a wife/children — 50%. “Retiring after 25 years of service, subject to military service and law enforcement agencies. The officers counted to 5 years of study at the University, and those who graduated from non-core, but with the military Department, — 2,5” — explains Makushenko. Or at retirement age (50-60 years depending on the title). Departmental hospitals there, but the Kiev rescuers, for example, attached to the hospital of the defense Ministry, where they undergo an annual physical examination, And a vacation — 30-45 days.

Home. 25th part and the hostel is right in the same building. Photo: G. Szalay

Add worries: idler and seals

The people now became attentive. Notice the Smoking bull in the urn of dust from repaired apartment, steam from the basement and call! And how many calls are taking over forgotten on the stove pans are infinite, complain rescue. “On the one hand, vigilance is good. On the other — would be better if a little more awareness. Earlier could have a bucket of water to extinguish the fire. And now come the well — read crowd of onlookers, all suggest how to extinguish on the phone take off, says Busko. — No wonder the lecture course starts with the theme: “Gentle persuasion when fighting”. By the way, each call to Kiev leave from 3 cars, and a police patrol and ambulance — and all on one box with the bull. If the call is frivolous or false — the loss of tens of thousands of hryvnia.

“Now in the capital, fortunately there are special groups of rescuers: they’re trying to take care of all “non — core” calls, – says Lubomir. — And we used to leave our cats out of trees removed, and the cows pulled from the pits, and swans saved”…

But “customers”, according to rescuers, come across very sincere. “You know our people always strive to foist some sort of gratitude. Sometimes, money was popped for salvation, and promised all sorts of benefits, — says Yuri Biletsky. But we have a corporate principle — there’s nothing wrong with people not to take. This is wrong, especially for the search of the drowned”.


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Always alert the lifeguard and shark

Rescue find it difficult to relax even on weekends. “I’m going to relax with the family on the lake, watching his wife and child in the water and automatically “passes” the whole beach. The eyes and subconscious mind work, like it or not: who was out swimming who are already in the danger zone. It turns out not a vacation, and some nonsense,” complains Biletsky. The same happened on holiday in Egypt: the story of how Ukrainians rescued from shark tourists in August, spread around the Internet and TV channels. “When it became clear that the predator attacked the girl in the water (it was pulled from the Transcarpathians Mikhail Voloshin), the Egyptians-the rescuers began to whistle. But amid the thundering music, the alarm was not heard. Then my relatives (the rest three families) began to run on the beach, shouting in different languages that the shark in the water, asked the captain calling at the port of yachts to take people out of the water by the boat. The whole operation took about 15 minutes — says the Egyptian adventure diver. — But in the end the staff of the beach and the hotel, and we still made fun of, saying that it was a Dolphin, you should not panic”. “Dolphin” campers saw and on the second day by going on a boat trip to the reefs: a two-meter fish was swimming between the yacht, which splashed a couple of hundred bathers. “The guy is an Austrian with a camera suddenly quietly dropped: “Shark!” I look — and there’s a shark the size of our rubber boat. I’m speechless — says the major. — People from the water as it washed away on the yacht who on the reefs. In such moments I regret that superficially taught the section on predators in the University. Later, the photos have determined that it was bioplanta reef shark”.

Some animals mean more work and others help Glosnicka in trouble. Photo: archive of Yuri Biletsky

Inner world: their customs and superstitions

In the control room on the map exits — a couple of icons. “The room is consecrated, sanctified machine once a year on Epiphany, says Lubomir Busko. — If any of the shifts, as they say, “porobleno” (in every duty going through tough fires), we will send it to the temple to atone for sins”. Taking turns, guard each other’s hands don’t shake, otherwise will meet in the fire. Shoes before duty is not clean, the helmet away after the first wash — it’s after duty hours. Form of new to wear — also the risk of fire or difficult duty. Fire on fire is a living organism: it breathes wants to eat, kill and manages to escape, said the head of the 25-th part. “We’re fighting with them, and he plays like him,” says Busko.

Than a good job: the excitement and “clients”

Rescuers are genuinely puzzled on the question about the specifics of their business — say, a job like any other, get into a rhythm, and then — stability, as in any other profession. “Work schedule is very convenient, in month only 7-8 call. Allows to recover, to gain strength,” — said Biletsky. Fires to put out can only be a fan of his work, I’m sure Busko. “There’s a lot of money we can not earn. Keeps the love for the profession, he says. Many leave and come back — can’t live without the fire, adrenaline and tension. Working for decades in one piece, retire and under contract are hired again by the drivers.” Or just come in part. View and chat with the guys — miss. “A hundred or two saved there are two or three who are so mentally thank that get a boost of energy for months! And then continue to work in anticipation of such cases, — says Yuri. — It is especially nice when using call or come visit, or when the Internet says thanks”. Job, in his words, becomes the dope: after the weekend, rescuers can not wait, when again in the water.

Divers: against the “penguins”

Difficult first six months, says diver, then — like clockwork. Swing once: for one portion, e.g. the Dnieper and Desenka, all the lakes of Kiev, in the region are invited sometimes. “Winter and summer — the peak load in summer — bathers in the winter — “penguins”. Sometimes, even fuck — all we need to do, — says Yuri. This winter our boys have saved more than 70 people.” And every case is unique: it is necessary to quickly make the right custom solution to consider many factors, and no right to make mistakes.
Fishermen and lovers walking on tuseme ice, according to Yuri Biletsky, it’s time to fine: warnings don’t help. In Crimea (even before the annexation of the Peninsula by the Russian Federation), for example, rescue patrol those who swam for the buoys, helped charge.

“Was the fisherman sitting on the edge of the ice came off, it carried on the supports of the bridge. Swept up afraid, but we have arrived, taken ashore dry — says the experienced diver. — He swore-swore — on the ice more than a foot! Moved about 100 meters behind the bushes and sat down again on the edge to catch fish. We were in shock — how so?”.

On the water. There are new equipment and Soviet equipment. Photo: archive of Yuri Biletsky

Workout. So harden that even in the cold SARS takes. Photo: archive of Yuri Biletsky

Permanent “clients”. In the winter I barely manage to get fishermen. Photo: archive of Yuri Biletsky

The difficulties of the profession

Equipment is updated, but too gradually, say rescuers. If the costumes of the problems (at least in the capital) no, out of five car exemplary of the 25th part of a new, modern, only two, and extinguishing equipment is mainly of Soviet design and manufacture (and divers). “Our part of Europe’s largest, continuously adopting of the event, foreign guests. Of course, we to your equipment used, work. But listening to foreign colleagues, understand the world in service for a completely different material and quality — says Busko. Recently a robot was brought in, used for rescue operations. And I robots — my fighters. Although there is progress: early in the smoke themselves, the road was covered. And the new car is equipped with a powerful lamp and take the light of the object itself”.

“We are in 2009 recruited through the ad. The selection criterion is the ability to swim. Then finish my studies — says major civil defence Biletsky. Some dropped out: a diver must have good health, pass the test chamber at the start”. So with feeble health, to the rescuers to go no load going through the roof. Also, according to experienced important fortress firesuite and psychological stability. “Work related to the salvation of the living and the dead search, communication with their relatives. Not everyone can perform it,” says Yuri. “We rarely make films in Association with rescuers bad. Where we are, always in trouble,” explains Lubomyr Busko, head of the Kyiv firefighting and rescue part №25. Therefore, we need to stress and lack of inclination to panic. “And the ability to get along with the staff: if the bad feeling among colleagues in fire and water you can not climb out. But before diving should not disturb extraneous emotions and thoughts,” — says Biletsky.

“Our unit puts out an average of five fires per day. Youth speed comes quickly — in a year have all experienced “touchily”. Swing once: temperature in the burning apartment reaches 800 degrees, burns lining — man dies in 7 seconds — says Lubomir Busko. — Firefighter smoke understands what is burning and where. Black smoke over the forest — rotten decks, yellowish leaves. You come in the door and smell: burning paper, wood, bull, food, synthetic or wire”.