How to become more efficient: get rid of five bad habits

Success – it is a modular concept of different components. Besides, what is for some the ultimate dream, for others a step on the ladder to the top.

But in order to feel fully successful, get rid of five bad habits that hinder you to become better, I am sure

1. No need to compare yourself with others

Comparing yourself to someone you’ve wronged in the first place towards themselves. You treat yourself critically, understand their own strengths and weaknesses. And about your successful colleague only know what he shows you — all the most good. In the end, your self-esteem reduced self-esteem also the pride and excitement hiding under the plinth, the development is inhibited.

You also need to realize that comparison — it is endless. There will always be people who are better than you, or Vice versa. But you — a unique personality, with your talents, skills, ideas, you have your own way.

Reward yourself, get a notebook, every night write down at least 5 reasons why “I’m done”.

2. Forget what it means to be lazy

Meet Vanya. Vanya works 12 hours a day. It is in principle for the soul, but he feels that strength is not enough. Coffee, energy help, but not for long. Fatigue and nerves take their van into the hospital.

Okay, think man, will rest and everything will work out. He decides to spend a weekend with benefit and even goes on vacation for a few weeks. Sort of relieved, but not much: headaches back, the energy at the minimum level… What was he doing wrong?

The answer is obvious: to leave the van did not rest, he is constantly thinking about work, checking their email, read news, communicated with colleagues.

Don’t be like Ivan. Leave work at work. Rest fully, completely switching their focus from your primary activities. And the main thing — do not try the guilt for a well-deserved idleness.

4. Do not store up grievances

The offense is bad and unhealthy. Negative emotions accumulate as ash in the stove and if the stove is not clean, it will stop working. The same can happen with people. Resenting, we do not give place to the good emotions, we lose time, health, and success.

Deny yourself to be offended is hard, but possible. Try to take offence and to forget. The situation has already happened, leave it behind and move on. After a few months it will not be for you mean nothing.

5. Get rid of the chaos

It’s not just about those unnecessary things that you keep at home and in the workplace, but also about all the excess thoughts that hinder your productivity.

You complain about lack of time, forgot about an important meeting or order of the chief, you find it difficult to keep a balance between personal life with work? It happens all the time? Get ready for a not very pleasant consequences: broken relationships with colleagues to poor health.

But if you get rid of chaos in your life, then you will be easier to manage work and housework, and life in General. And success will not keep itself waiting long.