In Scotland, the witness got a very clear photo of a UFO

Resident of Scotland failed to make the most precise in the history of the UFO the UFO.
The photo of the wide public were presented by the researcher-enthusiast Malcolm Robinson. He said that the frame was made in 1991, and since that time nobody has been able to get so detailed the, reports Topnews.


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According to the expert, the UFO appeared in the night above the refinery near the town of Grangemouth. At this time next to the plant happened to be two local residents, who planned to take pictures of the countryside.


According to witnesses, the object in the form of “classic” flying saucers moved from the plant in the direction of the nearby stadium and was suddenly hovering right over men, began to decline.

Writes the the object hovered at a distance of only 60 to 90 meters from the ground. For some time he remained without movement. According to pals, the case of UFOs at this moment radiated a reddish light.

“We watched as the object hanging over us for five minutes. Recovering from the initial shock, we noticed that the plate emits a light pulsating hum,” – said the author of the picture Phil Travis.

We will remind, inhabitants of the three countries saw the same UFO.