Abruptly involved: what can you tell us about your favorite cocktail

Every fan of alcoholic drinks has their favorites. Remember what cocktail do you like the most and find out about yourself something new.

OUR EXPERT: Olga Perekopivka, practicing psychologist

  • Long island

It is chosen by people who don’t like to rush and do everything slowly and deliberately. They prefer to stay in the company of solitude or a romantic dinner. Such people like to talk, and erudite enough to keep up with the conversation, even if the other person will take away from the Collider to the lyrics of Keats.

  • Screwdriver

These natures have a good ability to adapt to any environment and come out unscathed. Well, if something suddenly went wrong — they always figure out how to benefit from it and stay in a good mood.

  • Margarita

You definitely know his worth and won’t settle for less. Always know when and how to present themselves, and impress others with their tolerance and endurance. From the first look to you to approach is not easy, but those who know you better, always surrounded by your warmth.

  • Tequila sunrise

People who choose this drink, are very reliable, they love traditions and consistency. They are hard to budge, and they are ready to try something new only if you are sure that everything will be OK and will go on as they calculated and assumed.

  • B52

You like to enjoy all the proper and expensive, and know how to do it. You are attracted to rare items that hold a story and a piece of some mystery. But the people you first of all appreciate sincerity and reliability proven over the years.

  • Blue Lagoon

You are able to work productively, but also you know a lot about the ways of relaxation. You the best relaxation is the endless sea, the sound of the surf. And yet, there had to be a couple of loyal friends with whom into the fire and into the water, both in everyday life and on vacation.

  • Daiquiri

Lovers of this drink always young at heart and body and do not depend on the age written in the passport. These people are easy going and always ready for adventure, follow the fashion and you make it yourself. This stylish, showy person, with whom you will not get bored!

  • Cosmopolitan

Chose this nature moving, exciting and emotional. They are prone to mood changes even depending on the weather or the environment. They can smile and be happy, and in a minute already to sad. Though often it happens and Vice versa!

  • Bloody Mary

They are characterized by the phrase “better to be alone than with anyone”. They love to be alone and to dream. They choose communication in a narrow circle of trusted people and don’t like big companies. Well, if such are still trying to stay apart, acting as observers.

  • Pina Colada

You have a rare ability to be at the right time in the right place. Need someone to cheer you right there. No host — you can easily take this position! And when I say that no one is indispensable, it is certainly not about you.

  • Mojito

His chosen people with a twist, people with subtext. They are not always as simple as it may seem at first glance: normal exterior hides a storm of emotions and feelings. They are very impressionable and mysterious nature.

  • Cuba Libre

You are able to assess the situation and always find the optimal solution. You are always positive and optimistic — even seemingly in the most hopeless situations. And really appreciate that in you friends.