Mainichi Shimbun (Japan): measure against weight gain in isolation. Food for muscles: basic food, side dish, vegetables, fruits, dairy products

In order not to gain weight during isolation, it is necessary to build muscle. Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus have increased the amount of time we spend at home. Perhaps a large number of those who find it difficult to monitor their condition. One of the secrets to prevent weight gain is to build muscle, since they increase the basal metabolic. What is there for a strong body and how to train?

More protein

“In this period it is necessary to pay more attention to health and change your lifestyle to build a strong body as from the point of view of the soul, and from the point of view of physical condition,” — emphasizes the nutritionist food company, “Meiji” Murano Azusa (Azusa Maxima). Previously, he was a runner for the long haul. Currently Murano advises leading athletes nutrition: forward the Japanese Rugby team of Jimeno Kazuki (Kazuki Himeno) and multiple world champion on Boxing in Flyweight category Naoya Inoue (Inoue Naoya).

According to Murano, with a decrease in muscle size due to inactivity reduces the intensity of basal metabolism. The body becomes obese, it’s hard to expend energy. If you do not restore the nutrient balance, falling strength and immunity. So, what meals effectively to maintain health and increase muscle mass necessary to increase the intensity of basal metabolism?

Murano recommends a full course of nutrition based on high protein and low-fat products. It includes: main foods (carbohydrates), side dish (protein, minerals, and lipids), vegetables (vitamins, minerals), fruit (vitamins and carbohydrates), dairy products (minerals, protein, lipids). So are five main nutrients.

If you eat just that food will consist of a main food, however, there will be a lack of protein, which is a building material for muscles. Protein is a nutrient, which need to consume consciously and to enhance immunity.

Himeno also uses this power supply system

The growth of Rugby is 187 centimeters and a weight of 108 pounds. Thanks to Murano, Himeno changed my relationship to food. About two years ago, Himeno was at the training camp. He got up late and ate Breakfast, only salad, smoothies and yogurt. He almost did not take carbohydrates that are a source of energy.

Murano repeatedly explained Himeno the importance of nutrients. As a result, the Rugby player changed his attitude. The Rugby world Cup, which took place last autumn, he took part in all five matches and took the field in the starting lineup. Himeno have contributed to what the Japanese team for the first time entered into the eight of the strongest teams. Despite the fact that all the games were hard, he passed with dignity through this ordeal.

In April of this year, Himeno had dinner at my favorite restaurant, serving sets, and sent a photo of the lunch Murano. It was beef, teriyaki fish and rice. Murano appreciated such an order: “it is Important to think not only about quantity but also about balance. Himeno practicing the full course of food, so get more protein and less fat to increase muscle mass”. Missing the nutritional elements it makes up for in the convenience store buying there is orange juice and yogurt.

According to Jimeno, the last time he started he prepared himself for Breakfast protein smoothies. Protein is also effective as a complement to food. “I recommend taking protein after workouts for those who want to strengthen the body by exercising, as well as those who recently started to practice at home,” says Murano.

Strengthening the lower body when using the stairs

In addition to proper nutrition, it is also important to train for muscle development. Associate Professor at the National College of physical education Takahashi Okada (Okada Takashi), who won Amateur championship of Japan on bodybuilding, where the participants demonstrate the beauty of muscles, recommends that training on the stairs.

It may seem that it is a well known fact, but Okada says: “If you don’t move, the muscles of the lower body become limp. On the stairs, you can strengthen all the muscles below the buttocks. Improves heart activity, and is useful not only for the heart but also for vessels.”

You can just climb each step, but it is more efficient to run up two steps at a time. Do not get hung up on the time and number of repetitions. When you realize that you can not, it is important to make one more time, said the Professor.

In the men’s team Japan judo Okada headed the division of strengthening of physical strength. According to him, if the athletes in everyday life there are steep stairs, they are on her train. “Stairs are everywhere: on the road to the store, in the house where you live. Of course, it’s not worth doing at peak hours,” recommends Okada.