Everything you need to know about chocolate

Cocoa beans is still called food of the gods. A long time ago they were so significant that some time was used as money. Beans are eaten to increase energy, brain activity, mood and the prevention of many diseases. The Aztecs in the fourteenth century regarded cocoa as a sacred gift from God of freedom and used it to prepare a tart beverage, according to historians, is absolutely not similar to modern, writes likar.info.

The main raw material in the production of chocolate are cocoa beans, in form they are similar to almonds, the color darker. Chocolate aroma reminds of vanilla, the taste the beans are bitter as a coffee bean.

How to determine a real chocolate

Real chocolate must contain in its composition of cocoa butter. If the wrapper of the chocolate in the ingredients not indicated the presence of cocoa butter, so it’s simple sweet tile, not the chocolate;

– Part of the chocolate should not be such components as a substitute and equivalent. It often happens that cocoa butter in order to save manufacturers substitute palm (coconut oil mixed with cocoa mass) and synthetic-based lauric acid;

Palm oil melts at the temperature of +30 °C, real chocolate melts at the temperature of +32 °C, and a substitute on the basis of lauric acid melts at a temperature of +35°C;

– High-quality real chocolate has a glossy surface and no bubbles;

– Breaking chocolate frosted. Quality chocolate when breaking should be crisp and not crumble, does not stick to teeth and not to melt in the hands;

– Real chocolate – bitter. There is no milk, and low sugar, making it the most useful compared to milk and white. Cocoa in dark chocolate from 60 to 99%. Such a high cocoa content allows you to truly appreciate the true taste of chocolate.

What is the use of cocoa beans

Cocoa contains a lot of beneficial to our body elements:

– Kochel promotes the growth of skin cells, thus heals wounds and is able to smooth out wrinkles, prevents the risk of developing stomach ulcers;

– epicatechin may reduce the risk of stroke, myocardial infarction, cancer, and diabetes;

– arginine – a natural aphrodisiac;

– tryptophan is a natural antidepressant;

thanks to content of magnesium, cacao improves heart function, reduces blood pressure;

– sulfur helps to improve skin, hair and nails.

It is important to know that these cocoa beans have to be processed manually, otherwise their structure will get harmful ingredients.

In addition, the study for the dermatology clinic “European Dermatology London” indicated that chocolate prevents wrinkles that are associated with exposure to ultraviolet light. It is enough to eat several slices of chocolate. However suitable only chocolate with a high content of flavanol, an antioxidant from cocoa beans.

Previously, scientists found that daily consumption of chocolate helps fight chronic fatigue syndrome, and also improves memory.

Your daily dose

Recommended serving of cocoa (without milk, cream or other additives) is 4-5 tablespoons a day for a person weighing 70 kg If your weight is over 70 kg, suggest to limit it to one tablespoon, not later than three hours before bedtime, or fall asleep.