New year celebrations were held in many countries in conditions of increased security measures

Many countries have met the onset of the 2017 year with fireworks, concerts and other celebrations. At the same time, many were saddened by some events in politics and culture that occurred in the past year.

The area of times square in new York city by midnight was Packed with people gathered to see the fall of a crystal ball heralds a new year.

New York authorities have established dozens of trucks loaded with sand at the skyscrapers in the heart of times square, which had become a barrier which protects about a million people who came to the square to count down the last seconds before the fireworks and falling confetti on the occasion of the 2017 year.

President Barack Obama devoted his weekly address to the achievements of the outgoing year and his two presidential terms.

“From all our family we wish you a happy and blessed 2017!” — said in conclusion, Barack Obama.

President-elect Donald trump has published the congratulations via Twitter: “happy New year everyone, including my enemies and those who fought with me and suffered so serious a defeat that now they don’t know what to do. Love!”

A few hours before one of the first New year met the people of New Zealand, Australia and Russia.

Sydney’s annual new year firework shows attracted more than a million people. The attention of the audience on the promenade of the audience was presented a show dedicated to David Bowie and gene Wilder — two of the many celebrities who died in 2016.

The authorities of many large cities around the world have concentrated their efforts on security measures during the crowded Christmas events.

New year celebrations in Istanbul, the Turkish was interrupted by an armed attack on a nightclub which killed at least 39 people.

Many cities have taken enhanced security measures in connection with the terrorist attack on a Christmas market in Berlin on December 19. Recall that there is a truck driver deliberately drove in the middle of people, killing 12 people.

In the German capital, concrete barriers and armored cars were exhibited at the traditional venue for new year celebrations – the Brandenburg gate, to protect the people gathered there.

In Dubai hundreds of thousands of people saw the fireworks that were launched from the tallest skyscraper in the world — Burj Khalifa. Fireworks have also been broadcast on the Internet.

The area around the tower was cordoned off by the security guards that stood every 50 meters. The sidewalks were fenced off from the carriageway of the streets, that the road was free for emergency vehicles.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that each person is “new year’s eve can become a bit of a magician” if you will with attention and care to family members, work colleagues, friends and the needy. “That’s the whole secret,” — said Putin, speaking with a speech, which was broadcast several minutes before midnight in each of the 11 time zones of Russia.

French President Francois Hollande in a new year’s address warned about the dangers of rising nationalism.

At the Vatican Pope Francis urged to help young people find their place in society. The Pope said this at a Vespers service held on the eve of the New year. According to him, young people are deprived of “decent and genuine work”, forcing them “to knock on doors that remain largely closed”. Young people must be allowed to participate in public life and not to repel them at her side, the Pope said.

Fireworks from the Eiffel tower in Paris this year was again cancelled but the Christmas show was held on the Champs Elysees. Along the main street of the French police was put up by armed soldiers and installed vehicle barriers.

In Central London for the first time armed police patrolled the subway train. Armed officers was to protect the subway in previous years, but this year the guards first went along with passengers on their way to Trafalgar square and the river Thames, where there was a Christmas celebration.