Scientists develop powder a blood transfusion

Whether it’s soldiers on the field of battle, women in childbirth, or victims of car accidents, severe bleeding requires rapid transfusion of plasma – liquid part of blood, rich in healing proteins, peset “Orthodox”.

However, often doctors have to wait a while before they can help patients, because the plasma in which they need not be immediately available for use. About 2.5 million people in Western countries are hospitalised each year with severe bleeding, and many of them would have survived with timely blood transfusion.

Plasma should be transfused to the patient during the so-called “Golden hour”. When this time passes, the struggle for life is complicated. Frozen plasma requires thawing prior that takes precious time. But this problem will soon have to go into the past thanks to a new method of transformation of plasma in a transfusion-ready powder which can be stored in packages. In the future, doctors will be able to do is add water and cook the plasma in a few minutes. This technology is currently being developed by scientists from the company Velico Medical in the United States.


  • The human umbilical cord blood is recognized as a cure for old age

Specialists have adapted a method called spray dryer to turn liquid into powder, just as fresh milk turns into a powdery mass. Powder plasma does not require a lot of expensive freezers, it can be stored in the refrigerator and quickly turn into a liquid using distilled water. It is expected that powder plasma will reduce the amount of waste, since a large amount of plasma is defrosted “just in case” and never used.