Aydınlık (Turkey): US helps the PKK to extract oil for infrastructure a puppet state

Since 10 may the US forced the transfer of military and weapons in the region under the control of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK) / Party Democratic Union (PYD) in Syria. The purpose of the United States who also pay attention to the construction of infrastructure for the puppet state, is a section of Syria in the use of its own oil. Efforts continue to create a government for the so-called state, the administrative center of the selected Tabka.

Information obtained directly from local sources in Syria, show that in the last month, Washington again making a move towards the establishment of “American corridor” in the region. Since the end of April, the US increased its work on building infrastructure for the pseudo-state, which is scheduled to start in the North-East of Syria.

Secure the PKK / PYD

Sources in Syria that provided information to the newspaper “Aydynlyk” (Aydınlık), announced that from may 10, 2020 the Pentagon every day throws from Iraq, military personnel, weapons and military equipment in the district of Hasaka, controlled by PYD / PKK. Columns of armored vehicles of the U.S. armed forces carry out regular deliveries to the base Karak in tel-the Canoe, the activity of which was suspended. In the way American convoys are escorted by unmanned aerial vehicles. And crossing the Iraqi-Syrian border is through the Bar (Iraq) and Hol (Syria).

In addition, according to regional sources, on may 10 and 11 to the base Kerak landed two military transport aircraft of the U.S. armed forces, delivering armored vehicles, engineering equipment and some heavy weapons. Part of the delivered personnel and equipment will be placed on the restored bases and observation posts of the United States in the area of Qamishli and Darbaza. The main task will be to assist military and political forces of the PKK / PYD within the framework of security measures on the Syrian-Turkish border.

Oil exploration

Sources say that along with American military personnel in Northern Syria was taken as a group of experts in the field of oil and gas production. These groups consist not only of US citizens. In their ranks there are also experts from Canada, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Soon the team will begin exploration of oil and gas in the province of Hasaka. Special attention will be focused on those areas where there are oil fields, “al-Omar”, “conic”, and “Emelan”, “Tanak”. Almost all of these areas are controlled by the PKK / PYD. The safety team of experts will ensure U.S. military personnel, who arrived in the region. Upon completion of exploration works and engineering surveys, the U.S. plan to proceed to production of oil at the maximum level.

Meeting Mackenzie and Kobani

Sources emphasize that the US has once again accelerated the implementation of the project on creation of the Autonomous region of the PKK / PYD in Northern Syria, and this project directly takes aim at Ankara, Tehran and Moscow. This step is regarded as part of the plan of Washington and tel Aviv on the grounds of “greater Kurdistan” in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Another step made in the framework of this overall plan, sources tell the following: April 25, 2020 in Ayn al-Arab (Rozhava, Syrian Kurdistan) between the Pentagon, the leaders of the PYD, and members of the Supreme Kurdish Council held secret talks. In the negotiations as the representative of the Kurdish Supreme Council, which performs the function of the provisional government in the region, was also attended by the commander of the “Democratic forces of Syria” (SDG), Mazlum Abdi Kobane (Kobani Mazlum Abdi). (We will remind, the President of the United States Donald trump repeatedly expressed gratitude to the address of Maslama Kobani.) But the American delegation was headed by commander of the Central command (CENTCOM) of the armed forces of the United States Kenneth Mackenzie (Kenneth McKenzie). In addition, the talks were also attended by former US special envoy in the international coalition against LIH (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) Brett Mcguirk (Brett McGurk).

The so-called capital — Tabka

In these negotiations it was told about joint work of the political parties of Ayn al-Arab for the formation of a unity government. The Americans recommended that the representatives of PKK / PYD / SDG as soon as possible to create ministries for the regulation of life in the region. In addition, in order to effectively manage an Autonomous region, it was decided to divide the “Syrian Kurdistan” in a few areas. As the administrative centre (the so-called capital) was selected by the city Tabka. Here would be concentrated all the controls.

However, the Americans told their interlocutors — leaders of the separatist organization that the volume of oil and grain products sold smuggled al-Assad’s government must be greatly reduced.

The fanatical support of terrorism by USA

Sources also draw attention to the increased contact of Americans with a fanatical international terrorist organizations in Syria. In April 2020 in the Hasaka province from the US-controlled training camps of al-TANF (located at the intersection of the borders of Iraq, Syria, Jordan) has sent more than thousands of terrorists — members of international organizations. The vast majority of the terrorists were stationed at the us base at al-Shaddad in Hasaka.

At the same time, there was a significant increase in the number of American and British military personnel in Hasaka. The British also resumed work on the bases near the airports of Abu Hajar and Malice, the activities of which were suspended. Sources say that the U.S. military specialists trained terrorists tactics of conducting reconnaissance and sabotage activities. During the training special attention is paid to the use of armor-piercing weapons and man-portable systems.

According to information received from terrorists, sent to the district of Hasaka, also formed mobile teams who are preparing for subversive activities in the depth of the areas controlled by the Syrian army. One of these groups, consisting mainly of Tunisians and Moroccans, leading the so-called field commander from among former officers of the Iraqi army under Saddam Hussein Aljamal Abu Ali (Abu Ali al-Jumali). Aljamali developing a plan of attack on the troops of the Syrian army stationed in the area of Deir ez-Zor.

The goal of U.S. ties with “An-Nusra”* Turkish-Russian cooperation

It is also noted that the United States has also intensified its work with the militants of the terrorist organization called “jabhat al Fatah ash-sham” (*formerly “dzhebhat an-Nusra” banned in Russia — approx. ed.). In early may of this year, the terrorists headed the so-called warlords Mohammed al-Unifom (Mohammad al-Yonof) and Hamad al-Arnom (Hamead al-Jarn) received from the US financial support aimed at preparing attacks and sabotage against the Syrian military personnel in Latakia.

Inform “Aydynlyk” the sources added that these terrorists can also prepare for the attack on the Turkish and Russian military to destroy the cooperation between Moscow and Ankara on the preservation of the ceasefire regime in Idlib, and also to strike friendly relations between Erdogan and Putin.

How to disrupt the US plan?

The information that we convey in our article, indicate that the project of the puppet state of the US want to launch a new process in the military, administrative and economic relations. So, on the one hand, will ensure the security of the PKK / PYD, with the other established institutions of the puppet state, and along with it the income from oil will give life to the corridor of the United States.

Recent events confirm

The latest US actions in the region testify to the above facts. Gained momentum Washington’s attempts to reconcile Iraqi Kurdistan with PKK / PYD. There is a serious mediatory diplomacy.

Just a few days ago, the special envoy of the United States William V. Roebuck (William V. Roubeck) stated that sanctions under the law “Caesar” will not apply to so-called Autonomous region, the U.S. will collaborate with the region to implement assistance programs. William V. Roebuck also held talks with the administration of the PKK / PYD security and economy. And may 24 Mazlum Abdi met with the commander of the special operations forces of the U.S. armed forces in Iraq and Syria, major-General Eric hill (Eric Hill).

In a word, re-start the process of creating a puppet state.

The cooperation of the separatist and fanatical terrorism

The events that took place in Syria since the civil war, as well as information provided in our article and pointing to the relations of the United States with a fanatical terrorist organizations, clearly show that Washington will move in Syria and our region through two instruments: the separatist and fanatical terrorist organization.

While the separatist terrorist organization PKK / PYD is a key element of a US puppet state, fanatical terrorist organizations are involved in the legitimization of puppet state, separatist terrorism and the American military presence in the region. The PKK / PYD are advertised as “heroes fighting against the Islamist terrorists.”

On the other hand, fanatical terrorism is also used against Damascus and Ankara, acting as a weakening of the Turkish and Syrian States. Along with this fanatical terrorism becomes a weapon in the hands of the United States, which should disrupt the Astana process, the biggest obstacle to their plans in the region, and destroy the Turkish-Russian cooperation.

In fact, the words spoken by the tramp a few years ago: “ISIS was created by Obama and Clinton,” was not so much a reflection of the political struggle in the United States as indicated on the specific fact. Similarly, we have witnessed the cooperation of the US — PKK / PYD — fanatical terrorism and during operation of the Turkish armed forces “Source of peace”. So this fanatical terrorism, which was defeated in Syria want to raise with the project as a puppet state.

Idlib and East of the Euphrates — a United front

All this shows that the fight against separatist terrorism is inseparable from the fight against fanatical terrorism and, therefore, East of the Euphrates and Idlib should be seen as a United front.

Since the existence of one kind of terrorism is fueling the other. In other words, the collapse of one is the main condition for the collapse of another. Therefore, Turkey and Russia have no right to patronize anyone one of them. If you remove only part of the cancer cells and leave the rest, it will not cure the disease. Moreover, in this case, they can spread to other organs.

These events once again prove the importance of the Astana process that took in their hands the fate of the region, which the United States has lost the initiative in Syria. Strong commitment to the Astana process — the only way to achieve tranquility, peace and security in the region. The challenge facing them, is also evident: the elimination of separatist and fanatical terrorist elements that undermine the territorial integrity of Syria.

At this stage, Turkey’s interests coincide with the interests of Syria. Recent statements by the leaders of the PYD / PKK that Damascus does not perceive the organization as parties to the negotiations and believes that it is illegal, it is best to explain it. Of common interests, of course, implies cooperation in the elimination of separatist and fanatical terrorism.

A holistic strategy is needed

Another prerequisite to prevent a new move the US towards a “corridor” is to create a holistic strategy and series of unions against the plans of the Atlantic. Washington’s strategy in Syria is not independent from their plans in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Black sea, the Caucasus, Central Asia and so on. Therefore, Ankara needs to be a common strategy that will allow you to stop the plans of the Atlantic and in Syria, in Libya and in the Black sea, and for this it is necessary to build appropriate alliances.

The U.S. threat can be eliminated only through such a holistic strategy. If, fighting with the US in Syria, we will assume that any other place will be able to work with them together, it will lead us to deception and weaken the struggle against the puppet state.

*”Dzhebhat an-Nusra” banned in Russia — approx. ed.