Auto avtonomera: what will happen to “peresichny” after protests

In Ukraine according to various estimates, from 64 thousand to three million uncleared cars. So many of them due to the fact that Ukrainians carry used cars from abroad. There they are two to three times cheaper. But for customs clearance have to lay out 30-40% of the car value. Besides, cars older than 2010 to the country to import prohibited due to environmental standard Euro-5. Enterprising Ukrainians evading taxes, using the transit mode. This allows Ukraine to foreign-registered vehicles 5-10 days. Then you need to cross the border and enter again. Such owners of bonded machines called “peresichnyi”. Periodically they organize protests at the Verkhovna Rada and demand to extend the residence time in the country and cancel Euro-5. On the latest action , the protesters advocated the reduction of taxes for custom clearance and for the abolition of the environmental standard. The Committee on fiscal Affairs of the Verkhovna Rada suggested the activists of the compromise Memorandum. The proposal allows for “peresichny” to legalize their cars. However, the transients refused it. But the Parliament has said: a month or two will pass the bill, which will hit the owners of uncleared cars. In Ukraine will be to do with “peresichnyi” learned website Today.

Which threatens to “peresichny” for breaking the law

The problem with “peresichnyi” grows like a snowball, says lawyer customs law Olga Nikolaenko. The Ukrainian legislation allows to deal with illegal car fines and confiscation. However, there has been little interaction customs service and the police.

“The police can’t track what mode and on what grounds is one or the other car with foreign registration. Since the state took the supine position, the problem with uncleared vehicles grows like a snowball. Already, the owners of not cleared cars require special conditions. The law should be to draw up protocols and to confiscate such vehicles”, – said the Executive Director of the Association “the Customs of the lawyers.”

Without registration to drive a car with foreign numbers, the Ukrainians can five days in one area and ten days, when movement in several areas. The alien to use uncleared machine can be no more than one year. However, the police has no right to stop the car on avtonomera and check on violation of customs regulations, Director of legal Affairs of the company “Octave Capital” Tatyana Andrianova.

The police have no right to check “peresichny”. Photo:

“Establishing the fact of violation of customs regulations by the police is impossible today because of the lack of access to the customs data base and, therefore, they have no legal grounds for the detention of foreign cars”, – says the lawyer.

Fine “peresichny” can customs. If your car is one day more than is necessary by the Customs Code, the driver faces a fine of 85 hryvnias. If the car stayed in the country from 1 to 10 days – will have to pay a fine of 3400 UAH, more than 10 days – 8500 hryvnia. If the car belongs to a foreigner, and driving Ukrainian – the car can be confiscated. And Ukrainians can be arrested in the case, if he refuses to pay the fine.

What threatens the Ukrainians who have violated the customs code:

  • the car stayed in Ukraine for a day – a fine of 85 hryvnias;
  • from 1 to 10 days – a fine of 3400 UAH
  • more than 10 days – a fine of 8500 UAH
  • refused to pay the fine – car arrest

If the foreigner has brought to Ukraine a car, and returned home without him, the Ukrainian customs officers can contact the country the resident with the requirement to fine the offender. In addition, the machines without registration can be declared wanted. The tightening penalties for violation of the transit customs regulations in Parliament to consider not planning.

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What changes is prepared in Parliament

All cars foreign numbers, production 2000-2010 year – to legalize. Such idea was offered the protesters Nina Southerner, head of the tax Committee of Parliament. The fact that it is prohibited in Ukraine customs clearance of a car older than 2010. “Peresichny” I want to facilitate customs clearance of cars, which are imported into Ukraine prior to September 6, 2017. To legalize the cars are offered at a reduced excise tax, which took Pleased in 2016. the tax Committee insists that the customs clearance of cars with a gasoline engine 3000-3500 CC with a diesel engine of 2500-3000 CC used a separate excise tax. Act concessions will be two or three months. The tax Committee had proposed in a Memorandum to ban driving Ukrainians-foreigners in transit. To do this, close the borders to transient.

Nina yuzhanina notes, the Memorandum is important for the “peresichny” rule. After the closure of the transit will not touch the police officers.

“We are introducing liberal norm of not bringing to administrative responsibility for violation of customs regulations. This is what interests these people,” says a Southerner.


“Peresechenie” forced every five days to leave Ukraine. Photo:

In the near future the working group will develop the terms of the closure of the border for the transit, says the President’s representative in Parliament Iryna Lutsenko. This will stop the increasing number of “peresichny”, she said. Such a law is planned to be adopted by Nov. However, it will be a compromise for those who already drives a car in a foreign room, promises the clerk.

“No mention of tax cuts on auto imports for all Ukrainians, and only refers to preferential customs clearance exclusively for the “amahara”, which already have imported their cars. But what about the promises about affordable car for all Ukrainians and European customs clearance for all” – outraged the Director of the Ukrainian Association of importers and dealers Oleg Nazarenko.

The terms of the Memorandum did not suit the activists. Such proposals will not solve the problem, says the coordinator of the NGO “Western Ukrainian Association of transit car owners” Stanislav buchansky. Need to fix the cause of Neratovice cars, not to deal with a number of them, said the activist.

“Not really fair to share with those who have delivered and those who have not yet managed to deliver. It turns out some legalize, others will not. If all were to be legalized, it does not make any restrictions to the age of the car. The promotional requirements were clear – the available clearance. Not only cars on foreign registration, and all and for all”, says buchansky.

The Association of transit car owners suggest replacing the Euro-5 for supported vehicles for inspection. To import a used car you need to enter the required conclusion about the technical condition of the car. Preferential rates for custom clearance in 2016 would be perfectly acceptable, says Stanislav buchansky: “In sum, the customs clearance is obtained about 30-40% of the car. But you need to remove all restrictions on age of vehicle and the duration of the law.”